Should Olivier Vernon Remain in Miami

Interesting Von Miller's 93.3 rating on the free agent value scale is only one point higher than Olivier Vernon's at 92.5.

There is a game being played out by the players side of the NFL, meaning the players association and agents. As employees, collusion is not a term typically used on the players side of the table. Yet, by driving the price up, players influence the salary cap to the benefit of the union. Only one team needs to pony up and Vernon becomes a casualty for the Dolphins. This is why Miami tends to lose players like Olivier Vernon.

Is Vernon considered good enough to franchise? Is Vernon good enough to be one percent less valuable than Von Miller? According to the rankings above, the answer would be yes to both of those questions, but in reality Vernon may not be worth being paid equitable to the best DEs in the game. His numbers and game changing plays are not quite there.

His agent is going to sell him as a game changer and Miami is left in the awkward position of having to "Low Ball" Vernon even though what they offer is probably in-line with his true value.

So Vernon most likely will be designated a transition player, which gives the club a
right of first-refusal to match any contract offer from another team. Since defenses are based around coverage and pass rushing, another team may see him as a proven DE commodity. Miami may have to pay more than he is worth to keep him if another team offers a big number.

I think the Dolphins should pay the price... Too often Miami allows their own players to move on and than has to resort to bringing in outsiders.

Free Agents here because they got a payday, have no affiliation to the team. Often the other players in the locker room that have fought under the Miami banner are uninspired by money players. It's a slap in the face.

When a team keeps its own players, the home grown talent has a team affiliation and has earned respect in the locker room. They will play for more than just a payday. They will play because of the bonds they have formed.

Those bonds are the building blocks that help teams achieve greatness. This is the reason most teams built from the draft have a better chance of achieving long term success in my opinion...

In Miami, this ingredient has been the missing link...

What say you?

Free Agency

Philbin's gone, BRING BACK RICHIE!

Think I'm kidding? Maybe.

Pro Football Focus has a free agent rating system. These are the top five grades:

1. WR Alshon Jeffery  94.2

2. ED Von Miller  93.3

3. ED Olivier Vernon  92.5

4. LB Jerrell Freeman   90.6

5. G Richie Incognito  90

Except for Jeffery, the Dolphins could use any of the other four. Richie isn't my personal choice for guard because of age and history with the Dolphins. Did he get hosed by the Dolphins and NFL? For sure.

It would be interesting if the Dolphins did bring him back, though. Richie vs. Suh!

What say you?!

GM For A Day

Wouldn't that be cool! Got a pick you know the Dolphins can't pass up? Do you have a sixth sense about talent? We would enter that contest as Dolphin Shout, that way we could tie the job up for several weeks!

Yeah, ...just kidding! The Dolphins don't really have a general manager, they have a consortium.

"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." -Francis Bacon

That's a feeling long-suffering Dolphins fans know well!

Take hope, Dolphins fans! The draft and free agency will fix what ails the Dolphins. Hope!

Hi, Shouters!

My name is Phil Bijeau and I write as canamdolphin. I'm a sixty-ish retiree and have lots of time for the things I like to do. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community as a contributor and commenter on the Miami Dolphins!

Tinshaker's Dolphins blog was where I first met some of you. When that blog went belly up, I was invited here by Gary Cowell, aka Riverdog (RIP, brother). At that time, I began commenting on articles on the Shout.

Then, one of my favorite stat sites, Cold Hard Football Facts, put out a call for writers through Football Nation. I analyzed Dolphins games using their proprietary stats. That lasted about a year, then for some crazy reason, I decided to go back to work full-time. After less than a year of that and a head examination, I decided my niche was staying retired!

Started commenting on Bitchin' Dave's Dolphins blog. Dave recruited me to write articles and that's where I've been hanging out of late.

Besides writing about the Dolphins, I'm passionate about golf, motorcycling and music. I've played drums in several rock 'n roll bands for the past fifteen years.

Glad to be back!

Miami Dolphins Can Do No Right According To Some

So the 2016 head coaching, cannon ball run racing circuit has concluded 6/7ths of an entire lap, and the Miami Dolphins demanded the drivers seat to take the first RIGHT turn down Adam Gase Avenue. As the most youthful road on the map Gase avenue has yet to be paved though he's every-bit as prominent a direction to getting around NFL town versus the opposing traffic.

Of course the same TV, radio show host, and/or call in to hear their own voice skeptics that suggested in past acquisitions that the Dolphins waited too long and ended-up with the bottom of the barrel, are in 2016 screaming at the bumper in front of them that Miami acted too fast in making their number one target of the 37 year old Gase into their own personalized license plate. The Dolphins had their choice of pretty much whatever model they may have wanted as they came to their conclusion an entire week before any of the other six teams just recently decided on their choice's of fuel mileage. Minus Tennessee's Titans. Who may go with the lone remaining viable option Doug Marrone (51) with the same NFL years as Gase (37)?

None landed the obvious Vince Lombardi who didn't exist in this pile-up,
or Don Shula (though two franchises went with the up-and-coming route of youth)!

New York's Giants parted ways with long time (since the 1800's) guru Tom Coughlin while still under contract which meant that he couldn't be spoken to without the permission of the Giants while only rival Philadelphia bothered. The franchise of G-Men replaced Coughlin with their offensive coordinator of two years Ben McAdoo who at (38) becomes the leagues second youngest head coach. He has 12 NFL years with just the two as an offensive coordinator.

Tampa Bay promoted their own offensive coordinator of one year with a name we all know (snicker), Dirk Koetter who is (57). He has just nine years in the NFL though all nine are as someones offensive coordinator (Jags 2007 - 11, Falcons o12 - o14, and 2015 with the Bucs).

Philadelphia's Eagles (though not official until Kansas City's playoff run is completed) have been ticketed to hire a name that we all actually do know in Doug Pederson who was at one time the backup quarterback in Miami to Danny Marino. The Eagles go from Chip Kelly to Pederson who at (47) has just seven years NFL coaching experience with the last three as the Chiefs offensive coordinator.

San Francisco with the selection of recently fired Chip Kelly (52) may have made the biggest splash as far as name and head coaching experience goes while also revitalizing the nearly extinguished career of quarterback Colin Kaepernick who's skill-set fits nicely into Kelly's schemes. Kelly has been in the NFL for three years with all as the Eagles head coach 2013 - 2015, (well almost through 2015 before being FIRED) by a 6 - 9 at the time organization. Had the Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor survived the 2015 season, Chip Kelly would have been a good fit for Miami, but Lazor's play-calling had obviously hamstrung quarterback Ryan Tannehill. So Lazor got the boot, and with him went his NFL methods learned via Chip Kelly.

The Browns chose the FIFTY year old Hue Jackson who has an accrued 15 year NFL coaching career with four as an offensive coordinator, and one as a head coach in 2011 with the Oakland Raiders. Miami had a scheduled interview with Jackson that they chose to cancel in hiring the nearly as experienced though inferior in age by 13 years Adam Gase. Should all go as planned for both teams? When Gase is FIFTY he'll have 27 NFL years with the same one year fewer as a head coach to Hue Jackson who at that same point in time will qualify for Social Security, (along with all the others besides McAdoo & Gase).

Miami snapped-up who was obviously their top guy in the Thirty-Seven year old Adam Gase! He has tabulated (literally) 13 NFL years coaching experience with three as an offensive coordinator before the Dolphins jump-started the opportunity to give him their head coach position for the next five years over six other interviewee's they considered. Those potentialities included the heavily liver spotted Mike Shanahan, Mike Smith, Doug Marrone, Teryl Austin, Anthony Lynn, and the only one of youth Dan Campbell (38) while the gathered three month long list eliminated some 20 plus other potential candidates. Gase had been a hot commodity as a suggested ""quarterback whisperer"" in other teams head coaching searches over each of the last four years, he was even a consideration of Miami's back in 2012 before the hiring of the not so affectionately referred to Droopy-Dog.

The Dolphins (unlike the casual skeptic) began their homework assignment three months ago on the day that the previous unmentionable (wouldn't want to cause a stir) head coach was fired. They weren't permitted to drive to the homes and socialize with potential suitors but they investigated every dirt road along the way in finding the shortest route to their destination, and when the meter maids time-frame permitted they swooped-in ahead of a bunch of old men to park it on Adam Gase Avenue.

The so called "experts" have Miami with Gase as the third best head coaching selection while they go on to suggest that he may have been the number one guy if not for being just 37. Why with a very similar resume to all the others is Gase being penalized for youth? Vigorous youth and hunger are a good thing. When you have equally experienced and/or talented options, you always go with the young guy, that's the rule of thumb in most every venture!

So I ask you with all things considered, and I mean all things! Short and/or Long-Term?
Who was an absolutely guaranteed better selection than the Miami Dolphins choice of Adam Gase?

Thank-You for an open minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


PS. By Miami taking control of the wheel with that first abrupt turn. They were also able to gather practically an entire defensive coaching staff whom also are of relative youth, (without aggressively competitive road raging traffic in their mirrors) prior to the other head coach-less teams deciding upon their main man. The Dolphins are supposedly waiting for some of the playoff teams seasons to end before assembling their offensive staff and whatever else remains. Those along with the already signed, sealed, and delivered will be discussed when the process is complete, and/or in the comments section.

Adam Gase Next Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins

After a short but exhaustive search, the Miami Dolphins have hired Adam Gase as their new head coach. Gase most recently was the Offensive Coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Prior to taking the Bear's job, Gase was the OC for John Fox in Denver coaching Peyton Manning. Gase is 37 years old and never played college football. He is married to the daughter of New Orleans Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt.

Gase previously coached for the LSU Tigers, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears on his way to the head coaching job in Miami. Gase was definitely this year’s hot candidate, but arrives in Miami as an offensive coordinator with no head-coaching experience at any level.

Gase is clearly able to coexist in an atmosphere dominated by men like Mike Tannenbaum, having run an offense in Denver with Peyton Manning wanting to call his own game. Working with such diverse personalities as Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler, Gase may have a chance to make the most of Ryan Tannehill's skills in Miami.

Gase was high on Stephen Ross’ list of potential candidates. It looks like Ross may have finally got the coach he actually wanted. It was Parcells who brought in Sparano, who Ross tried to bump for Jim Harbaugh. Philbin was only hired after Ross' choice, Jeff Fisher, opted for the Saint Louis Ram's over Miami.

So Boss Ross finally gets his man, hopefully the long suffering Miami faithful will embrace his choice and Gase will deliver the goods.

Where Have These Miami Dolphins Been All Year?

Miami Dolphins 2015 Season Finale; By Tony Nicoletti.

This Dolphin team is a difficult one to track. One week, they can't get out of their own way. The next week, they are playing like the dominant force we were hoping they would be all season.

In this week seventeen season finale, we seem to have witnessed a total team effort which appears to be the culmination of several recent weeks of frustration. Are we to believe that it took a couple of weeks for the team to adjust to all the minor tweaks they made after disposing of Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor? In any event, the New England Patriots were beaten handily in Miami by the Dolphins. The score? 20 to 10.

I mean, it was like a total role reversal out there. New England looked like the awkward, troubled Miami Dolphins while the Dolphins looked like the total package, New England Patriots. Miami was able to take away what New England was trying to do. A trait the Patriots and Bill Belichick are notorious for doing to others. Did Dan Campbell, an interim head coach, out-coach Bill Belicheck?

I don't know what to make of this fiasco.

Some might argue that the Patriots were not really motivated and on autopilot. (Trying to save themselves for the playoffs). Considering that they waited until their final possession to pull Brady with the game out of hand would suggests otherwise. They needed to sew up the first seed and have home field advantage so the playoffs would run through Foxborough. Don't tell me they didn't want to win. And for a change, Miami got to be the spoiler instead of the other way around.

I think they were hoping the Dolphins would buckle on defense with a constant diet of running plays, which didn't work. How else do you explain why Brady only threw the ball five times in the first half. We got to him just twice during the game. But those sacks were back to back and at a critical time. Tom Brady was picking himself up off the turf regularly, and often.

The game never really felt like it was in jeopardy. I kept expecting the Patriots to come roaring back, but it never happened. And once New England scored their tying and only touchdown of the game in the third quarter, they were shut down for their lowest offensive stats, (and score) of the season.

Brady had a meager performance. 12 of 21 for 134 yards. Ryan Tannehill, on the other hand, had a Brady-ish like performance on the afternoon. 25 of 38 for 350 yards and two TD's. (This was Ryan's sixth 300 yard game of the season). He was sacked once and picked a gorgeous time for his 19-yard run which netted a first down on third and 12. As a matter of fact, Miami converted at least 5 third downs that involved 7 or more yards. The Dolphins went 8 of 17 for a 47% on third down efficiency. New England? 4 of 14 for 28%.

Statistically, it was a beat down in most categories except the total score. It looked like New England was going to succeed with their running assault as they had 62 yards by the end of the first half. They only got 8 more yards to add to it in the second half. And when is the last time you saw a Brady led team muster only 196 yards of total offense? (70 yards rushing and 126 yards passing). Miami was swimming along with 96 yards rushing and 342 yards through the air for a total of 438 yards. Jordan Cameron TOUCHDOWN!
It's one thing to outscore a team like New England, another to completely shut down the one area that is the Patriots claim to fame. Their passing game. Tom Brady passed the ball to eight different players and not one of them had more than two receptions. Even the great Tight End Rob Gronkowski only pulled in two passes for 18 yards. Not a bad afternoon for a suspect secondary. Brent Grimes

Click to see blown up Devante Parker TOUCHDOWN, and other photo's!

This is the third year in a row that Miami has hosted and beaten the Patriots though I have to admit, this was the year I thought all our AFC East opponents were going to sweep us. I was pleasantly surprised.

On the year, Ryan Tannehill wound up with over 4,000 yards passing again. (4,208 yards in total). He completed 61.9 % of his passes and finished with an 88.7 passer rating, 24 touch downs and 12 Interceptions. He had half as many interceptions as touch downs. It was a slight step back in touchdowns and ratings. In total passing yardage, he is number nine of the top ten passers. (All of which also threw for more than 4,000 yards).

Sorry if it sounds like I'm making a big deal out of one lousy game but this win came from out of nowhere. Yeah, they may have cost themselves 3 or 4 spots in the draft order positioning but you have to admit, seeing this kind of dominant performance is refreshing. Even more so against the best team in the AFC, a divisional rival and reigning Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

It is encouraging, but I don't think it will be enough to keep Dan Campbell at the helm. We have some first and second-year players that contributed greatly during these last few games. Get ready for a wild ride during Miami's off-season. Should be interesting to see if this team really gets blown up or if we actually have enough of a nucleus to build on. It will make a big difference in determining how many more years we will be sitting at home during the playoffs. But these are all subjects for another post.

Thanks for being patient with me while I rant and rave.

Miami Dolphins vs Patriots Week 17 Game Chat

Last game of the season.