Should Olivier Vernon Remain in Miami

Interesting Von Miller's 93.3 rating on the free agent value scale is only one point higher than Olivier Vernon's at 92.5.

There is a game being played out by the players side of the NFL, meaning the players association and agents. As employees, collusion is not a term typically used on the players side of the table. Yet, by driving the price up, players influence the salary cap to the benefit of the union. Only one team needs to pony up and Vernon becomes a casualty for the Dolphins. This is why Miami tends to lose players like Olivier Vernon.

Is Vernon considered good enough to franchise? Is Vernon good enough to be one percent less valuable than Von Miller? According to the rankings above, the answer would be yes to both of those questions, but in reality Vernon may not be worth being paid equitable to the best DEs in the game. His numbers and game changing plays are not quite there.

His agent is going to sell him as a game changer and Miami is left in the awkward position of having to "Low Ball" Vernon even though what they offer is probably in-line with his true value.

So Vernon most likely will be designated a transition player, which gives the club a
right of first-refusal to match any contract offer from another team. Since defenses are based around coverage and pass rushing, another team may see him as a proven DE commodity. Miami may have to pay more than he is worth to keep him if another team offers a big number.

I think the Dolphins should pay the price... Too often Miami allows their own players to move on and than has to resort to bringing in outsiders.

Free Agents here because they got a payday, have no affiliation to the team. Often the other players in the locker room that have fought under the Miami banner are uninspired by money players. It's a slap in the face.

When a team keeps its own players, the home grown talent has a team affiliation and has earned respect in the locker room. They will play for more than just a payday. They will play because of the bonds they have formed.

Those bonds are the building blocks that help teams achieve greatness. This is the reason most teams built from the draft have a better chance of achieving long term success in my opinion...

In Miami, this ingredient has been the missing link...

What say you?