Von vs. Dion

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is a free agent, but there's no way he becomes a Dolphin. Denver will probably give him the franchise tag. However, the Dolphins may have their own version of a Von Miller-type player under contract.

That player is Dion Jordan, the top outside linebacker prospect in the 2013 draft. Naturally, Miami  him at defensive end!

Before you lose your cool about this comparison, look at the measurables from the combine. Yes, the combine results from these two is highly irrelevant at this point in time, but it's the best way to show their similarities.

Miller was the second pick of the 2011 draft, Jordan was the third pick of the 2013 draft.

Miller 6'-3" 246 lbs., Jordan 6'-6" 275 lbs.

40-yard dash - Miller 4.53s, (2nd best linebacker) Jordan 4.54s.

Vertical jump - Miller 37 in..(3rd best) Jordan 32.5 in.

Broad jump - Miller 10 ft. 6 in.(1st), Jordan 10 ft. 2 in.

On paper, it's intriguing. Jordan may have the skills, but we still don't know if Jordan will ever be an outside linebacker or play another down for the Dolphins.