Miami Dolphins Free Agent Targets Of Hopeful Preference

Well folks, the official beginning of the 2016 league year is about to begin with the opening of free agency on Wednesday March 9th. Everyone knows that The Miami Dolphins are in dire need of defensive ends, defensive backs, a true middle linebacker, offensive lineman, and potentially a running back to go along with a tight end.

So here are a few to ponder.

13) TE- Zach Miller (32 in October) of Chicago's Bears/(Adam Gase) comes in as the 94th rated target. Miller had a great 2015 and may come into play at an affordable rate should Miami feel the need to separate from Jordan Cameron (28) at seasons start. The Colts more youthful TE's ranked at 48th Dwayne Allen (26) and 51st ranked Coby Fleener (28 at seasons start) may also be options with three years experience under Gase. Twenty-Six tight ends could be HAD.

12) WR- Rishard Matthews (27 in October) via your own Miami Dolphins strides in at the 66th Free Agent Spot. He would be as good a 3rd or 4th receiver that Miami could hope for to go along with Devante Parker, Jarvis Landry, and Kenny Stills. Thirty-Nine receivers are wide open.

11) MLB- Stephen Tulloch (31 until 2017) of the 4 - 3 Detroit Lions defense has started in all 16 games since 2010 other than 3 starts in three 2014 games played while also starting 3/4ths or more of the 2008/09 seasons. He is the 75th best rated prospect as a reliable stop-gap toward the MLB position. Five True Middle Linebacker's will be making the read of where they want to be.

10) ILB- Danny Trevathan (26 this month) of the Denver Broncos sits at 9th on the free agent list (which suggest that he's pretty good), and likely to be expensive. As an ILB from a 3 - 4 defense it's unproven as to whether or not he fits at the Miami need of an MLB. Forty other LB and/or OLB's as well as Eleven ILB's are hitting the market, some with potential MLB abilities.

9) T- Mitchell Schwartz (27 in June) of the Cleveland Browns is ranked 38th. Schwartz has started all 64 games of his four year career and the Dolphins are in dire need of two tackles for depth. Twenty-Five free agent tackles will do the shuffle.

8) G- Alex Boone (29 come May) from the San Francisco 49ers is ranked 29th. Boone has started in all games played over the last four years of his six year career.
Just One of Twenty-Seven Guards.

7) S- George Iloka (26 this month) of the Cincinnati Bengals/(DC Vance Joseph) covers the 24th spot. Iloka has started all 44 of 44 games played over the past three seasons of his four year career. Fourteen free safties and Twenty-One strong safties will be roaming the field while most are interchangeable.

6) CB- Prince Amukamara (27 in June) from the New York Giants shuts down the ranking of 20th. Amukamara has started all but three games played over the last four seasons of his five NFL years. Forty pure cornerbacks and another fourteen listed as defensive backs will be there for the pick. Miami's expensive Brent Grimes' productive days in Miami are numbered at (33 come July)!

5) DE- Derrick Shelby (27 a few days ago) of your Miami Dolphins rates as the 27th best free agent. Minus Olivier Vernon AND Mario Williams, he'll practically become an absolute necessity, at least to some extent! Forty-One defensive ends will be looking to break the pocket.

4) RB- Lamar Miller (25 in April) via Miami's Dolphins high steps in as the 12th most popular prospect. Miami's wanting to keep him at five while he's looking for 6 million. You know what he does as the most productively youthful running back that's about to hit the market. Should he be lost? Denver's (not in the top 99) Ronnie Hillman of similar age and skill-sets may come into play. (Though he's 20 pounds lighter than Lamar Miller and half as productive over the same fours years), Dolphin head coach Adam Gase has three first hand knowledge years of Hillman's abilities. Denver's other (not on the top 99 free agent list) running back CJ Anderson (25 through o16) is likely a better option as he is also well rounded while he's the more powerful at 225 pounds than even Lamar Miller. Anderson is a restricted free agent that the Bronco's have the option of matching whatever offers that come his way. Thirty free agent running backs of different shapes, sizes, ages, and skills are wanting to replace the well rounded Lamar Miller. Some of them can, but none of the UFA's ; ) that can are nearly as youthful. Early Draft is a different story ; )! Should Lamar Miller be lost?

3) G- Kelechi Osemele (27 in June) of the Baltimore Ravens is the 3rd ranked overall prospect, and has started 51 of 51 games played in his four year career. No explanation required! Twenty-Seven other lesser Guards will be there for the push.

2) DE- Mario Williams' Buffalo Bills cut him last week making him (immediately) available as the leagues overall 7th best available free agent target. He is healthy at (31 years old) while being three years younger than (Cameron Wake at 8.4 mill) who (even if healthy) is on the last achilles of his journey. Mario Williams first and only visit thus-far took place with the Miami Dolphins this past Saturday.

1) DE Olivier Vernon (26 come October) of Miami's Dolphins
is ranked 2nd overall of the top 99 Free Agents:
With transition tag status, he's Miami's if not offered more than 12.7 on the market!
He's big bang ripe and about to become a star for someone in the right stratosphere!

Let The (NOT SO) Free For All Begin!

Thank You for an open minded read
and we look forward to yours as well as the Miami Dolphins angle of view : )) !!


STAY-TUNED to the bottom of this piece for Edited-In UPDATES upon each signing!

UPDATE 3/7 ;
The latest news has Miami trading for 2013 rookie of the year MLB Kiko Alonso (26 in August), big & long CB Byron Maxwell (28 through o16), and draft compensation from Philadelphia for what is suggested to be mid to late round Dolphins draft picks. Supposedly the deal is done, but details won't be made official until after the league year begins on Wednesday. OFFICIALLY; The trade equates to Philly's Kiko Alonso (at under 1 million), Byron Maxwell, and o16 draft pick #13 for Miami's pick at #8..

UPDATE 3/8 ;
Tight End Jordan Cameron restructures down from 7.5 to 6 million to stay in Miami in 2016 for the final year of his current contract.

UPDATE 3/8 ;
Dolphins ink Defensive End Mario Williams #2 on this articles wish-list at a reported 8.5 million per for two years with the potential of an additional 3 million worth of incentives should he want to be extra productive!!

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Dolphins rescind transition tag of Olivier Vernon (who is now a free agent),
and Miami gets the 12.7 million back towards cap space.. Doesn't mean he's entirely out of question for us (though it's likely) as we no longer have first refusal rights to match whatever he's offered elsewhere!!

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Dolphins save 6.5 with release of 9.5 million Brent (33) & Miko Grimes..

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Dolphins sign Safety Isa Abdul-Quddus (26 with 16 starts) to a 3-year deal worth 12.75 ..

Made play for George Iloka who re-signed with Bengals for 6+Mill per year.

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Dolphins sign six year veteran backup Tackle Sam Young (13 starts) to one year at 910,000.

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Olivier Vernon signs with Giants at 17 million per year, 5 years 85 million, 52 million guaranteed/3 years.. Miami will receive a future 3rd or 4th round compensatory draft pick..

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Derrick Shelby
signs with Atlanta for a reported 21 million over 4 years..

UPDATE 3/9 ;
Lamar Miller
signs with Texans for 6.5 per year, 4 years 26 million, 14 guaranteed..
Miami will receive a future 3rd or 4th round compensatory draft pick..

UPDATE 3/10 ;
CJ Anderson (25) RFA
-RB agrees to four year 18 million deal with Miami..
Denver has five days to match offer that includes 6 million salary for o16..