Miami Dolphins Jay (Train) Ajayi Steamrolls Buffalo for 214 yard VICTORY

For a second consecutive week Earl Campbell, I mean OJ Simpson, I mean Ricky Williams, I mean Jay Ajayi ran wild for 200 plus yards versus stout rushing defenses. Those other guys are just the only other running back names in the history of the league that have eclipsed the 200 yard milestone on consecutive weeks. For a second straight week the Dolphin defense shut down highly explosive running teams that were the AFC's talk of town before being introduced to a Miami Dolphin TEAM that has suddenly found their identity. For a second consecutive week The Miami Dolphins produced nearly 500 yards, and just shy of 200 more yards than the highly touted, and rolling opposition. Due to penalties and special teams mishaps that provided the Bills with short field scoring opportunities, Miami trailed by eleven with one third quarter minute remaining. Fourteen minutes and 22 unanswered points later the Dolphins led by eleven just before the fourth quarters two minute warning. That 22nd unanswered point was the result of a 67 yard Ryan Tannehill touchdown pass to Kenny Stills. For a second consecutive week Miami held possession of the ball for nearly 15 minutes longer than both Pittsburgh and Buffalo. For a second consecutive week THE MIAMI DOLPHINS WON!!!