One Rainy Sunday, Miami Iost a QB and Found a Coach

In spite of improving to 8-5, the Miami Dolphin victory against the Arizona Cardinals rings hollow. Played in a torrential downpour nearly the entire game, Miami led the sloppy turnover fest until the last minute when the officials finally gave the Cardinals enough chances to tie.

The referees threw 14 flags against the Dolphins for 118 yards in a game that lasted nearly 4 hours. The Cardinals were awarded 5 first downs by penalty, while the low-blow that ended Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill's season, suspiciously went uncontested...

With 1:46 left in the third quarter, Former Hurricane Calais Campbell dove directly into Ryan Tannehill's left knee. Shock hit the Miami sideline as the iron-man quarterback limped off the field with a torn ACL. Backup quarterback Matt Moore was called into action after attempting eleven passes in his last three seasons combined.

The narrative of the game from this point on is worth rehashing as the Miami Dolphins miraculously wrestled away a victory. This game alone should garner the points necessary to make a case for Gase as coach of the year.

Adam Gase was in no hurry to call on Moore's right arm to carry the Dolphins from the Cardinals 45. Three straight J-Train runs left Miami going for a 4th and one when the officials called Anthony Steen for an unusual false start forcing a Miami punt. Aided by three penalties, Arizona found the endzone to pull within six points when the Dolphins blocked the point after attempt and Walt Aikens returned it for two critical Miami points.

The officials must have been as surprised as everyone watching and the much anticipated flag, did not fall. Nursing an eight point lead, Gase stuck with the J-Train until Moore finally attempted a pass to Damien Williams that fell incomplete for a three and out. Badly in need of a first down, the Dolphins punted back to the Cardinals at the fifty-yard line with 5:12 left on the clock.

An invigorated Cardinal team needed only 2:13 of the clock to tie the score with a successful two point conversion. Again the Dolphin offense looked defeated, going three and out. Moore completed his first pass to Jarvis Landry who had 103 yards receiving in the game, but could only manage six on the play, forcing another Miami punt.

With 1:55 left, Vance Joseph gambled and Bobby McCain stripped Palmer who fell on his own fumble for a loss of six. Miami wisely called a timeout and this proved pivotal when Arizona punted after a short pass and an incompletion.

Landry struck again returning the punt 20 yards setting up Miami at the Arizona 47 with 1:29 remaining. The ball got loose on the first play, a 5 yard run by Damien Williams but the ruling of down by contact was upheld as the Dolphin faithful held their breath.

After a 12 yard completion to Kenny Stills who had 97 receiving yards in the game, the Dolphins called their second time out with 43 seconds remaining when Matt Moore found Stills again for 29 yards! A declined defensive pass interference call stopped the clock with 37 seconds remaining.

Two short gains by Damien Williams and Miami used it's last time out with 1 final second left on the clock. Arizona attempted the obligatory freeze by following Miami's timeout with one of their own. Andrew Franks calmly stepped up and drilled the 21-yard field as time expired in the pouring rain.

This gritty performance more than any other in recent Dolphins history showed a team and a coach clearly unflappable by whatever unfortunate circumstances a game can present. One sided officiating left the fans completely exasperated while Adam Gase simply stared down the referees with a glare so intense it burned right through them.

Gase lost the quarterback he so meticulously groomed and remained unfazed as Matt Moore stepped in and showed his acumen. Calling a timeout at 1:49 when Palmer went down with a sack was pure genius and a sign to his team... Adam Gase was not about to give up on a Miami victory. The defense responded and got him the ball back!

In previous years, with previous coaches, the sense of dread on the sideline would lead to despair and a total loss of the moment, but not Adam Gase. After an abysmal performance the previous week, through the rain, in spite of the officials and losing his QB, the man did not blink. He calmly led his team to victory...

This game ball goes to you... Adam Gase!

The Dolphins are not heading to the Super Bowl in 2016, in fact it may be a few years before this team approaches the level of champions. One thing is certain, Miami has found a coach the players, assistants, ownership and fans can look forward to watching blossom into greatness.

In one rain soaked afternoon in Miami, the Dolphins found the man...

Adam Gase