Dolphinshout Out to Miami and Florida

Here’s a Dolphinshout out to everyone in Miami and across Florida.

It’s impossible to know where
Hurricane Irma will land, but the chances of Dolphin Country taking a direct hit are extremely high. Please say a blessing, even if it’s to the Great Gods of Football, for the wellbeing of everyone in the path of this monster storm. 

Irma has ruined the Miami Dolphin's season opener, but cursing her unfortunate arrival would mean forgetting the safety of the folks in South Florida and across the state.

Mother Nature is indiscriminate in her fury. She has no allegiances, whether it be the Miami Dolphins Community or Houston Texas, she will roll on. We’ll board up the windows, ice up the coolers and hope the angry skies don’t break down the doors, but make no mistake, there is imminent danger on the way.

Many Shouters live in this great state and it looks like few will be spared at least a glancing blow. Be safe people! Do not take this storm lightly. If
you are hunkering down in Miami, South Florida or anywhere in the state, be prepared. 

This storm is a gigantic Andrew coming right up the spine of the state. Having lived through Andrew's ferocity, my prayers are with everyone.

Kenny, Tator and all the Shouters in the path, buckle up!

Dolphinshout out to the Miami Dolphins! Be safe!

The games will play on when the storm is past. At this moment we at Dolphinshout invoke the Great Gods of Football to shelter and protect everyone in the state of Florida.

Be kind oh Great Gods and remember, Fins Up!