Miami Dolphins Implode on National TV

Debacle is a mild word for this abysmal performance…


Let me type that again: 40-0

There it is. How much more can be said without getting sucked into the same vortex that sank the Miami Dolphins? What is it with the Ravens? It seems Miami always saves the worst for Baltimore, but it was more than that, the Dolphins were exposed.

An article earlier this week explained Miami’s O-Line deficiency when facing a 3-4 defense, it was starkly apparent on Thursday night. Mike Pouncey cannot block big strong nose tackles one-on-one and consequently, he needs help. The moment one of the guards slides over to help Pouncey, the “A” gap opens like a can of Busch Beer. Free running blitzers attacked Matt Moore or Jay Ajayi with the same whooshing sound.

It may have been the sound of the air coming out of Miami’s season…

Mike Pouncey might be a really good technician. He
might be really good at making line calls. He might be really good at sealing a zone, but he cannot block one-on-one. Was Adam Gase making a case to explain to himself why Miami needs a better center? Gase called the same running play into the “A” gap on first down, after first down, after first down. I know all the experts proclaim Pouncey as the best Miami offensive lineman. I guess I’m just too stupid to know I’m too stupid and Pouncey is really good.

As casual fans, we’re not capable of understanding the subtle nuances. I’m sure Adam Gase will proclaim Mike Pouncey played, “an outstanding game last night.” Sorry Adam, Pouncey was pathetic. I know,
I’m just too stupid to know I’m too stupid.

These excuses, intangibles or nuances we fans don't understand will mean nothing to next nine teams the Miami Dolphins play. As Gase is fond of saying, “The film don’t lie.” Every team playing Miami will sign a couple 350 pound nose tackles to attack the weakness, Mike Pouncey.

Was this a pre-season game? It certainly seemed as if Gase was working off a play sheet with only 3 plays. Ajayi into the middle of the line, Ajayi into the middle of the line, Ajayi into the middle of the line. By the time Matt Moore dropped back to pass, the entire stadium was pinning their ears back and whooshing through the “A” gap. Damien Williams couldn’t decide which free runner to block and just whiffed on them all.

Miami had no answer to the Ravens. Zone blocking doesn’t work against a 3-4 defense with three large defensive tackles coming straight ahead and blitzing LBs swarming behind. Adam Gase looked as lost as his team, calling play after play straight into the defense. A few screen passes were attempted but telegraphed to the point where the Ravens zipped past Pouncey before Matt Moore could even catch the snap.

That was the “0” part of the score, what happened on the 40 side was easier to understand when
two Matt Moore pick sixes are included.

The defense started okay and kept Miami in the game, but the short week and a complete lack of offense caught up to them. By the third quarter, the defense was spent… Frustration became apparent about the time Kiko Alonso decapitated Joe Flacco. He didn’t hit the QB with his helmet, but the blow was brutal and started a melee. The image of Flacco rising loopy from the ground, raising his finger and calling the parking lot attendant, was classic.

The chippy play continued until punk QB Ryan Mallett, who replaced Flacco, learned a quick lesson about bating an angry Ndamukong Suh. Suh lifted him off the ground by his neck and stared him down. The fear in Mallett’s eyes was palpable and from then on the game was a matter of getting it done.

Burke’s defensive coaching was as questionable as Gases offensive offense. The Ravens pulled a play from tony Sparano’s book and lined up unbalanced with two tackles on one side and a TE on the other. Burke did not respond until the fourth quarter. The Miami defense did not adjust and Baltimore ran the play again and again and again.

Thank you NFL for taking another swipe at the Miami Dolphins. After scheduling the team to travel 14,000 miles in three weeks, Miami also had to endure an away game on Thursday night. It was completely obvious, Miami was not prepared to play this game. The long week ahead is the only redeeming factor in a season now minus a bye week.


Let that resonate… 40-0

It will be interesting to see how Miami responds. This season, by all accounts, was over before it started and somehow the Dolphins are still alive. It’s just a single game in a long season…

We R Not Normal

Miami will be back.