Miami Dolphins Free Agency Fairy-Tale

Imagine the sound of silence,
or the faint chirp of a lonely cricket in the distance. NOT!

The 2018 season begins this week with the opening of Free Agency on March 14th.Teams can begin speaking to, and negotiating with NFL veteran free agents today the 12th while nothing heard can become official until Wednesday.

Miami's Dolphins are presently 3 plus million over the cap, so they arent epected to be much of a player, but it is expected that they will rearrange some things in order to get somewhere near 20 million in cap space by the 14th.

The Dolphins rival NY Jets have the most available money with 90 plus million in space, nearly 100 million more dollars than Miami. Just a few days ago (prior to a handful of trades), the Cleveland Browns had 115 million more dollars than the South Beach gang.

Therefore. Unlike many of the most recent 3 to 5 years, The Miami Dolphins will not win this years free agency period. Meanwhile, though it's been suggested that they've won those past off-seasons, it hasn't translated to the field (in most cases). So perhaps this forced upon new approach will lead to a different outcome?

This year like no other, the draft will have to be where Miami has to find great success. Though they may come up with enough space to purchase the rights to a few 4 to 5 million dollar veteran prospects. The direction taken come draft day will rely heavily on what other teams do via free agency at the QB position.

Miami needs a stud LB with the 11th pick of the draft. They also (should he be at 11) may have interest in a particular one of the top four draftee QB prospects? Those four are Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Sam Darnold.

The teams that may also be interested in said prospects includes the Browns with the number one pick of the draft. The Browns (who landed their veteran QB through a recent trade) are certain to grab a QB for the future in the draft with pick #1 or #4. Who that QB will be is uncertain, but none-the-less it will leave one fewer of the four QB prospects available for Miami to potentially choose from.

Should the Browns take the top RB Barkley with the first pick? They will not trade pick #4 as this QB class is too good to pass up on the future with a top 4 pick (for those without a star veteran in place).

The #2 picking Colts minus a Barkley could possibly find interest in a QB seeing that Andrew Luck (though on the road to recovery) hasn't played in nearly two years.

#3 Giants also like Barkley and may lean toward Eli Mannings eventual replacement, if Barkley is gone. Though new HC Pat Shurmur suggest that Eli has a few more good years in him. So maybe they go for a protector of Mr. Manning?

#4 Cleveland as suggested have already landed their veteran QB in Tyrod Taylor, and aren't likely to go after any of the FA QB's, but they will indeed grab a rookie QB with pick one or four. If they get their QB with #1, and Barkley is gone at #4? They then may consider trading this pick to a QB hungry Dolphins (who don't really have the ammo), Cardinals, Bills, or Vikings.

#5 Denver will be pursuing a top FA QB, and unless they land the only truly reliable starting FA QB (Kirk Cousins). They too will also be drafting a QB with this pick.

#6 NY Jets, (see Denver), same story.

#11 Miami doesnt at this very moment need a rookie QB for the 2018 season, but they sure could use one toward the future, especially if that one that they like has an IT about him and is available at pick 11.

Miami (if they intend on having an outside chance of landing a top four QB in this coming draft at pick 11)?
They will need Cousins to sign with Denver or the NY Jets, so that one of the two doesn't bother with a first round QB prospect. Whoever spends 25 plus million on Cousins as their future is not likely to pursue a rookie QB in the first round. That particular team will be far more likely to choose protecting their investment with a weapon, blocker, or even a defensive selection.

If one of the QB needy teams below land the one true starting quality FA QB Cousins, or trade up in the draft ahead of Miami's pick at 11? Ball game over for The Dolphins chances at a Mayfield, Allen, Rosen, or Darnold.

#15 Cardinals are a QB-less team at this moment and will be pursuing a FA QB. Depending on which FA QB they land, a first round QB draftee could also be on the agenda. Miami Dolphin fans will be watching the bottom-line ticker during FA while hoping not to see that Arizona, or Minnesota lands Cousins.

Same for Miami as far as it goes with the Bills who have a cow chip load of ammo to move up!! Though if they were to land Cousins, they'd need not trade into the top 10 for a QB draftee. But again. If Cousins goes to a team that picks after 11? At least 3 of the top 4 QB draftee's will be gone by pick six, let-alone by the time Miami's turn comes.

In order for Miami to have an opportunity at a top four QB with pick 11. It all revolves around where Kirk Cousins signs! If he signs with the Bronco's or (Jets preferably) who pick ahead of Miami, and the Cardinals, Bills, and Vikings don't find a way to pick before the Dolphins in the draft? A QB draftee prospect with an IT about him may potentially find his way to pick 11 and the Bakers heat of Miami.

Miami will far more likely than not land an extremely desirable LB. Watch the bottom line ticker for where Kirk Cousins lands. When that signing becomes official the fate of Miami's ((target at pick at 11)) will be determined. Though they themselves may have a plan of their own to move up?

Of Four.
Cleveland takes one rookie QB.
Hope that Indy & NYG don't.
Broncos and Jets each take one which leaves possibly just one for Miami five picks later. Unless Denver or NYJ lands Cousins which could leave a choice of two QB draftee prospects for Miami at 11. If Cardinals, Bills, and Vikings don't get into the top ten picks!

While we were away.
It seems as though that lonely cricket chirping in the South Florida distance has lured a bunch of potential mates, and I've taken the liberty to name the suddenly noisy swarm induvidually.

So forget about all the QB-Stuff above,
but remember that over the next few days Kirk Cousins destination is what will decide Miami's positional target at pick 11 come draft day. (For Now)!!

Here are the names (with a brief synopsis) found to be potentially affordable mates for Your Miami Dolphins. Perhaps one, two, a few, or the likes of such can be gathered at the bottom of Miami's historied bug-zapper?


4-3 ILB/OLB Anthony Hitchens 6-0, 235, (26) started 48 of 60 career games with Dallas

ILB Preston Brown 6-1, 251, (25) has 62 starts in 64 career games for Buffalo

4-3 LB Tahir Whitehead 6-2, 241, (27) started his last 31 Lions games played

4-3 OLB Nigel Bradham 6-2, 241, (28)  has started 56 consecutive games from 2014 - 2017


Kendall Wright 5-10, 185, (28) has accrued 3858 yards, and 19 Touchdowns over his career

Taylor Gabrial 5-8, 165, (27) with a career 1819 yards with 8 TD's

Albert Wilson 5-9, 200, (26) totals are 1544 with 7 touchdowns

An old draftee favorite Tavon Austin may also hit the market

Personally, I have a good case for our own Jakeem Grant, so we're good minus one of the above!

Safety (some say that TJ McDonald could potentially play OLB) should Miami land a ball-hawking Safety. While we all know that one can never have too many DB's, especially in today's game of arial attack!

Tre Boston 6-1, 205, (25) had five 2017 interceptions in his one year prove it stint for the Chargers with 8 for his career and two touchdowns

Tavon Wilson 6-0, 212, (27) has 8 career interceptions with 3 coming along with 3 sacks in his last 23 starts

Tackle, Guard, Center

Justin Pugh 6-5, 311, (27) has 63 starts in 63 games played at tackle for NYG

Chris Hubbard 6-4, 295, (26) had 10 starts for Pittsburgh at Guard & Tackle in 2017

Senio Kelemele 6-3, 300, (27) has 17 starts at Guard for Saints over last 31 games

Weston Richburg 6-4, 300, (26) has 50 starts in 51 games played primarily as a Center for the NY Giants

Ryan Jensen 6-4, 319, (27) started 16 games at C & G for the Ravens in 2017


Austin Seferian-Jenkins (((6-5, 262, 25))) has accrued 1070 yards over his short career with a 10.2 average per catch and 10 touchdowns. He's had some off the field issues with alcohol that have detoured his career, but those concerns are suggested to be history

Trey (initially the lone cricket) Burton 6-3, 235, (26) had 5 TD's in 2017 with just one start for a 10.8 average per catch as a World Champion Eagle

Hopeful, Eventual Dolphin Free Agent Returnees, (if positions are not addressed entirely via FA & Draft)

Safety Michael Thomas
DLineman William Hayes
DLineman Terrance Fede
OT Sam Young
OG Jermon Bushrod
TE Anthony Fasano
RB Damian Williams
LS John Denney
K Cody Parkey