Miami Dolphins To Trade, Stay, or Trade ?

""ITTT'S TIMEEE"" (Thank You Bruce Buffer).

The 2018 NFL Draft has arrived when on Thursday April 26 at 8pm Est the Cleveland Browns will officially be "On The Clock".

According to the Draft Trade Value Chart which illustrates the pre-draft points worth of every selection in the draft.

The Miami Dolphins presently scheduled picks induvidual worth,
and combined grand total are as is.

Round 1
Pick 11 = 1250 points

Round 2
Pick 42 = 480

Round 3
Pick 73 = 225

Round 4
Pick 123 = 49
Pick 131 = 41

Round 6
Pick 209 = 7.4

Round 7
Pick 227 = 1
Pick 229 = 1
Total Worth = 2054.4
Draft Trade Value Points

If Chance had it's way?
For one single, particular, potential Franchise Quarterback of the future.
The Dolphins could consider trading away their entire draft, or at least the most part of their 8 presently scheduled (2018) selections.

Everybody knows that there are FOUR Highly Touted QB's projected to be picked between picks one, and twelve!
(If not within the first 5 to 6 picks)?

Everybody knows that Cleveland will take one of these QB's with most likely pick #1, for sure #4 if RB Barkley goes first!

#2 NYG ? Would love Barkley, or perhaps Eli's protege?

The World knows that the NYJets didn't move up into the top 3 for anything other than a QB!!

The Galaxies know the names of these four premiere Quarterbacks are (in no particular order), Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and ((( Baker Mayfield )))!! PS, according to Todd McShay. None of this year's QB's have a higher pre-draft grade than our own 2018 starter Ryan Tannehill!!

So Miami's total (2018) draft worth equates to 2054.4 points!

The Dolphins can not get to
#1 Cleveland = 3000
#2 NY Giants = 2600
#3 NY Jets = 2200
(Bad Business For Both Anyways).

Miami Not being able to work a deal for picks 1 or 2 is factored in via only (2018) picks while excluding the very real possibility of getting there with an offering of #11, and 2019's first round selection. Miami's 2019 first round pick could be worth anywhere between pick #32's 590, or the 3000 point first overall pick. By giving it up (along with #11's 1250). In this case, it would count as 1750 points which equates to a top four to five pick in 2019.

Somewhat of a steal for the Dolphins. If they were to do the usual and finish Mid-pack or better. Basically, (if Miami were to finish in the bottom five)? It would breakdown to our 2019 top five pick (while throwing in this years #11 plus whatever) for one of 2018's top two picks. It would have to be The NYG at #2. But lets not give that too much hype as it would pretty much decimate Miami's 2018, and 2019 draft options. No-Way does Cleveland trade #1!
But if they get their QB at one? They may consider trading #4 (If RB Barkley is gone)?

#4 Cleveland = 1800
(which would require everything other than our 3rd round pick in 2018.)

#5 Denver landed QB Case Keenum in FA for two years and may be interested in a future franchise QB. Shot-Caller John Elway suggest that Keenum was their man all along, and that they are open to potentially trading pick #5.
(Which is worth 1700 points).

Do the math with Denver and Miami can get to #5 for picks #11 & 42, and keep the rest. Bronco's could offer their 30 point fifth round pick #149 for an exact point value trade.

#6 Indy says that they are taking calls on this pick worth 1600 points.(According to the Draft Trade Value Chart). It is feesible that The Dolphins could get to this Colts selection with an exchange of (Miami's #11 & 42 worth 1730) for (Indy's first round pick #6, forth round #104, & fifth round #140 total of  1721.5). But to trade down. The Colts would likely be looking to gather more picks, not spend them. If thats the route they choose? Our entire draft other than our second round pick comes within 25 of the total point value cost for pick #6.

#11 Miami (#'s 42, 73, 123, 131 plus)
#12 Buffalo (#'s 22, 53, 56, 65 plus)
#15 Arizona ( #'s 47, 79 plus)
#16 Baltimore (#'s 52, 83 plus)
#17 LA Chargers (#'s 48, 84 plus)
#23 New England (#'s 31, 43, 63 plus)

All are bidding for picks 4 - 6 and their QB dreams of the future. Obviously a couple teams can easily afford to get #1 if it were on the market, while also having more than enough leverage to overpay (the goin rate) for picks 4, 5, 6, & all the way to pick #10, (if so be it).

All the potential tradeup/down deals have already been discussed between suggested franchises, the ground work has been laid out. So and so, will give so and so, so and so, if so and so is available at so and so number pick.
If so, sign-ze-papel.

They will all be hoping that their Head Coaches one and only Quarterback of four falls to where they presently pick.

If it were this fans choice. The Bills and/or Pats don't leap-frog Miami for any picks between #'s 2 - 10. And.
The Miami Dolphins at pick 11select Baker Mayfield. Otherwise. Gotta get to at least pick 5, or 6. (If he is still there)? No Bro-Mance from this guy for Darnold, Rosen, or Josh Allen. Adam Gase may see things differently? JAllen if any of the four other than Mayfield, but personally it's Baker, Lamar Jackson, then Josh Allen at QB for me. Meanwhile, due to a few ill-advised words while in the spotlight, and with questions of his commitment and/or ""love"" for the game coming about. Rosen may be the one who drastically falls, and who knows. Maybe he is the ""Right One"" in the eyes of Adam Gase?

Gase has suggested.
""Sure I'd like to grab a QB, but it's gotta be the (Right One)""!!

I wouldn't put it past the Dolphin fan teasing football gods to have the ""Right One"" QB available at pick 10 when Oakland goes on the clock. And at that moment Buffalo at 12 jumps Miami at 11 with a deal that the Raiders God Father Gruden can't refuse.

Alright, so it's obvious that for me The Miami Dolphins first pick somehow, someway ends up being a guy that will be recognized by just the mention of his first name, Baker. (Or the QB that Adam Gase see's as the ""Right One""!

11A QB Baker
11B LB Tremaine Edmunds
11C LB Roquon Smith
11D DT Vita Vea
11E S/DB Minkah Fitzpatrick/Derwin James (a choice of one of these two pushes S TJ McDonald to OLB on approximately 75% of defensive plays).
Perhaps the Dolphins believe that they can get two birds with one stone in such a selection?

Should the ""Right One"" of the top 4 QB's leap through the Dolphins slippery fins?

Then Edmunds, Smith, Vea, and Fitzpatrick or the likes of (for good measure) become the obvious targets.

11B & C Edmunds and Smith may require trading up to picks 7 - 10. If the brass so desires? The Bucs Pick 7 can be had for #11 along with one 3rd & 4th round pick.

Da'Bears #8 and 4th round #105 is gettable via Miami's #11 & 3rd round pick #73.

The Whinners #9 can be had for the Dolphins #11, and two 4th round selections.

The Raiders Pick 10 can be had for #11 and a 4th. (All according to the Draft Trade Value Chart) which will be included via this threads first comment.

11D Vita Vea is the most assured prospect of Dolphin positional priority to most likely be available at #11. He is by far the best DT in this draft, and would easily be a top ten pick if not for the abundance and need of top ten QB's. He could very well be the second coming of Ndamukong Suh? He requires double teams on every play and with ten years of youth on his side can be had for 25 million fewer dollars yearly than was Suh. With Suh's dead money. The Dolphins are still highly invested financially at the position of DT. With the selection of a Vita Vea, Miami will at least get some value/production for the dollars being given to one no longer on the roster. Vea would start on opening day alongside Miami's current #1 DT Jordan Phillips who is scheduled to be a 2019 FA.

S/DB Minkah Fitzpatrick (or the likes of/Derwin James) most likely come into play only if 11A, B, C, & D are gone at 11.

Or, If Miami were to trade down from 11 to where if any of the above were to fall could possibly become Pick 15 - 20 A.

15 - 20 (two options per)
B. QB Lamar Jackson
C. TE Mike Giseki
D. LB Leighton Vander-Esch
E. LB Rashaan Evans
F. DE Marcus Davenport
G. TE Dallas Goedert
H. G/T/C Isiah Wynn
I.  T Mike McGlinchey   
J. C/G Billy Price
K. LB Uchenna Nwosu

For instance;
For pick #15.
The Dolphins could potentially trade down for Arizona's pick, and gain a 3rd round pick #79 overall. (Though for Arizona to do so, they'd probably be targeting QB Lamar Jackson)!


For pick #20
Miami can move down to Detroits selection, and acquire an additional 2nd round pick #51 overall.

Picks #16 - 19 will also bring a similar additional high draft pick south.

And The Miami Dolphins can still land someone of the highest rated prospects placed between picks 11E & 15 - 20 K!

This fan badly wants Baker, Tremaine, Roquon, or Vita Vea, and think that if Miami gets stuck at #11.

Vita Vea is the most likely to be there!
If all are gone?
QB Lamar Jackson was my favorite way back when (2 years) before discovering Mayfield, and would be my choice at 11. Baker & Lamar are the only QB's in this class that have already displayed a serious ""IT"" about them!!

Just one fans calculations, and Ive been wrong before.

Actually just once.
And that was a case when I thought I was wrong but I was actually right.

OMG, Honey don't get mad, I was just kidd'n. Alright, alright, but on the way home can you grab some pastries from that guy with the funny hat.



What do you folks think?

And with the Miami Dolphins pick #? they select?