The Miami Dolphins Explained by Sun Tzu

Perhaps the 2015 Miami Dolphins are best explained by Sun Tzu:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Viewing the Miami Dolphins in the context of this famous quote leads to some interesting conclusions. I would venture to guess Joe Philbin was unaware of the dissent worming through a locker room he declared, “Ready to compete for championships.”

Sorry Joe, that locker room was as divisive as you secretly pushing to draft Derek Carr, only you didn’t know it. The mannerisms of a coach secretly uncomfortable with his starting quarterback radiate loudly in the testosterone fueled confines of an NFL locker room.  Bill Lazor didn’t come to the conclusion Ryan Tannehill shouldn’t run audibles on his own, Joe had a say. Joe was a control freak, some call it “attention to detail,” but for Joe, it was closer to OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

When Philbin was still with the team last season, he obviously didn’t know his enemy or his own team as the results revealed. Dan Campbell knew his team, and by having half the formula, he was capable of winning half his games. Ultimately, Campbell was overmatched when it came to knowing his enemy and Miami suffered defeat because of it.

Perhaps Sun Tzu gets too much credit for stating the obvious and issues run far deeper inside Dolphin Land. If the answer is this easy, the future may not be as bleak as the pundits would have it. 4-12, is the latest retreat from the last season’s playoff predictions and probably just as off-base.

The reasoning is simple, it’s not about talent…

It has never been about talent. The Miami Dolphins have as much talent as any team in the NFL. The issue has been leading that talent. Joe Philbin didn’t do the one thing he was brought in to accomplish, develop players. He was supposed to be a teacher, but he turned out to be an obsessive minutia manager. His locker room presence was scolding twenty something hormone raging young men for leaving Gator Gum wrappers on the floor.

He drafted a “cerebral” offensive tackle in the second round because the player fit his perception of proper behavior in the NFL. I guess Joe figured mild mannered Jonathan Martin would mend the ways of Richie Incognito and change the nature of a Center who huddled next to Aaron Hernandez in college.

Know thyself… It seems obvious, Joe didn’t know squat. He turned his back on reality and hoped things would somehow work out, he never fixed them. Philbin hired Jim Turner as OL coach and was unaware of the running 'joke' that Jonathan Martin was gay, and on at least one occasion, coach Turner participated in taunting Martin.

"Around Christmas 2012, Coach Turner gave the offensive linemen gift bags that included a variety of stocking stuffers. The gifts included inflatable female dolls for all of the offensive linemen except Martin, who received a male 'blow-up' doll," the Wells report said.

The key phrase here is, “Turner gave all of the offensive linemen except Martin.” In the locker room, all the players were on one side of the fence and one player was on the opposite. Joe allowed the discord to fester and then punished the majority, including throwing his own coach under the proverbial bus. Philbin should have traded or cut Martin immediately. This is what a leader would have done and this is when Philbin lost the Miami Dolphins.

From that point Joe’s clock was simply ticking to its inevitable end.

Phinbin turned this once proud franchise into a national media punchline, but those “news creators” just looked to pile-on an easy headline. True Miami followers know, there is an abundance of talent on this football team. The lack of national respect could have the 'Dan Campbell' effect, and bring out the best in Miami's talent but it will not be enough.

On the podium stands Adam Gase, a young up-and-comer with what many claim “an exceptional” mind. He’s young enough to perhaps have the “know thyself” arena covered, but suppose Gase is smart enough to have the “know thy enemy” covered as well? Suppose Gase can stare down Belichick and not blink?

Tony Sparano used the wildcat to one-up Belichick. The season may have been without Brady, but the formation did indeed fool Genius Bill for a fleeting moment.

It points back to our friend Sun Tzu, not in the sense that Sparano knew his enemy, but because the formation attacked his enemy’s weaknesses. Sparano didn’t really understand why the wildcat worked, if he did, he would still be a NFL head coach. This is the message for Adam Gase, your enemies all have weaknesses.

To exploit those weaknesses, you must understand them.

Know thy enemy and know thyself and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles…

Miami Receiving Star Jarvis Landry Relieved of Kick & Punt Return Duties

The 2016 draft came to a conclusion today, and with The Miami Dolphins final pick of relative substance in the 6th round. They chose a five and a half foot tall, 165 pound receiver/scat-back/return-man out of Texas Tech.

This is an important acquisition in more ways than one. While set in stone are the names of Miami's receiving core with Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker, and Kenny Stills ( of which each excels at a particular team required receiver skill-set ), as well as exhibiting well rounded games.

None of the 2015 other receiver names that remain on the roster bring any sort of particular skill-set required or absolute excitement to the team roster and it's fans. The most popular name might be Matt ( hasn't made the roster in his two years ) Hazel.

Another wise reasoning of this 6th round wide receiver, and return man selection is that.

The NFL histories record holder of receptions in a players first two years with 194 catches is Miami's number one go to guy Jarvis Landry. Over the same time frame Landry has also been THE GUY on kick & punt returns for what is approaching 2000 yards.

If the Dolphins intend on the affectionately referred to "JUICE" remaining fueled up, and continuing on such a pace at receiver with nearly another 2000 receiving yards to boot? Then they need to find a return man replacement! So that Jarvis Landry can remain a receiver force and be even more fresh, strong, effective in crunch time of games as well as at seasons end, and throughout his career.

With today's sixth round pick the Miami Dolphins did just that!
They landed their fifth (game-day) receiver that brings absolute excitement to the fans, severe ankle-breaking caution to the opposition, and total return-man relief to Jarvis Landry!

Jakeem Grant; ""You want a play-maker, or you want a guy that just talks""

Thanks for participating, and we look forward to your angle of view!!

Miami landed it's number four (game-day) receiver in the nicely sized, explosive touchdown-making Leonte Carroo of Rutgers with their second pick of the third round, and he'll be discussed at another time. But he most definitely brings more to the table than whatever presently remains behind the starting trio. Though I do like the veteran free agent acquisition of Griff Whalen! So we might have to go with six receivers in 2016? Cuz these two rookie receivers are game changers!

These new leaders have made extreme changes in the types/sizes/skill-sets/demeanor of the players that they pursue at most every position, but especially with their targets for the offensive line to go along with the extreme play-makers at running back, and receiver. While preferring the size of a mans heart and love for the game rather than his stature (be it physical or via the ruthless media). It has become quite clear that the new brass has an entirely different vision of how to build a roster than those that have failed miserably in the past!!

They even drafted a project quarterback to teach!!

As will also be discussed somewhere along the way are.
13 LT Laremy Tunsil

38 CB Xavien Howard

73 RB Kenyon Drake

86 WR Leonte Carroo

186 WR/KR Jakeem Grant

204 CB/S Jordan Lucas

223 QB Brandon Doughty

231 TE Thomas Duarte


Miami Dolphins Pick Thirteen Thru 231 Draft Scenario's

The menu's most popular main courses of which you can load your plate with just one of have been brought to the table. Those delicacies from the top of the list down include.

1) RB Ezekiel Elliott

2) CB Vernon Hargreaves III

3) OL Ronnie Stanley

4) OLB Darron Lee

5) DE Shaq Lawson

If none of these above guys are available or taken at #13,
( or if The Dolphins trade down beyond reach of said players )?
Most all other players mentioned could still come into play at some point.
Meanwhile, there are a total of 1001 draft eligible prospects for consideration, with only 253 draft selections, and the rest will become Un-Drafted Free Agents!

A mind melding obstacle course in search of treasure is printed on the place-mats to occupy the rambunctious types. On this particular scavenger hunting maze one will enter from the easily accessible exit where the potentially attainable pot of gold is located from route 13. However. The fortune swooped-up upon entrance requires a multitude of tools gathered along the way in order to efficiently navigate the prize back to Miami as well as for the treasure to maintain it's total value.

So. In a fatherly attempt to keep the savages at bay and with the aid of a trusty invisible inked crayon, I've taken it upon myself to map out the most desirably lucrative courses toward the ultimate destiny.

Now comes the moment when one's preferred taste of delightful accompanying side dishes becomes a free for all to dig into while your pallet will crave at least a spoonful of everything offered.

Here are the various options of cheese that one might want to sniff-around the maze for, come draft dayzzz (Thursday - Saturday).

Potential Options Five;

13) DE SHAQ LAWSON ( Awesome ) Lawson as well as most of the rest





186) RB KEITH MARSHALL ( See option Two emboldened explanation )



Potential Options Four; ( Great Results )








231) QB JEFF DRISKEL ( Whats this, KV drafted a QB )? Twice?!

Potential Options Three; ( Doin Back-Flips )

13) OT RONNIE STANLEY (Took forever to get Stanley at 13). OT Jack Conklin at 13 ?





186) RB KEITH MARSHALL ( See option Two )



Potential Options Two; ( Extremely close call versus option one ), GOODSTUFF!

13) CB VERNON HARGREAVES III ( Best Pure CB in the draft )!
CB William Jackson III, Eli Apple & Mackensie Alexander were never the top CB offered to me at 13. I'd strongly consider them in a four spots trade down scenario and still have the potential opportunity to land the other prospects in this option two layout. ( See Bottom; Trade Possibility )

42) RB DERRICK HENRY ( Second best RB option in the draft )




186) RB KEITH MARSHALL ( Miami needs a speedy complement to pick #42 Derrick Henry and/or Jay Ajayi) while the nicely sized Marshall is the drafts fastest prospect.

227) ILB TYLER MATAKEVICH ( Though I strongly doubt that he'll be available at this point of the draft, or as late as he was landed in any of these scavenger hunts, but he was available when I did these particular mocks.) Probably have to go after him quite a bit earlier. If we want him? And I do, while I'd have gladly picked him earlier in every scenario had he been listed somewhere in the 4th or 5th rounds!

231) OT CALEB BENENOCH ( Could very well surprise ).

Potential Options One; ( Though option Two is every bit as intriguing )!

13) RB EZEKIEL ELLIOTT ( Best All-Around RB in the draft ), and complementary dishes.







( The Steal of these mocks ), he was there so I took him!
Probably have to land him quite a bit earlier.

It is just how the cheese soaked chips fell into the salsa.
All five options turned out to be quite delicious while any one of, or any variation of all the above could spell playoff dessert or even SB. Note that it wasn't spelt out here. That may come after the results and 3/4ths of the 2016 season?

After all. It is just a fantasy draft versus the computer. With the NFL geniuses making the calls for all 32 teams! The timely delivery of side dishes are highly likely to offer an entirely different type of buffet than that which was provided before the 8pm dinner bell.

The above scenarios are all straight-up picks at selection 13 and throughout.
All in all, just 34 individual names to target have been brought to this table.

With eight picks, I'd be stoked to land just three of the 34 provided!
Which individuals and/or combinations of options would most wet your appetite?

Maybe you have a taste to devise your own preferred menu, or have already done so?
Your Own Invisible Inked Crayon can be drawn with for free at
(Stick a fork in it), and tell us how it taste! Mangia! Mangia!

Thank You for an open-minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view!! : ))


CB's William Jackson III, Eli Apple & Mackensie Alexander Potential Trade Down Scenario;

The Numbers work out accordingly ( on draft trade value chart ) in this trade down option..

Miami #13 & 5th round #147


Atlanta #17 & 3rd round #81 & 4th round #115

Equates to;
Dolphins four spot drop in 1st,
gain a third rounder at pick #81,
gain a forth round selection at #115,
and forfeit 5th round pick #147..

Do that and still get William Jackson III, Eli Apple or Mackensie Alexander at pick 17, works for me!!

Though I'd still take EZ if at 13!!
Unless I'm guaranteed Derrick Henry in the 2nd, or CJ Prosise in 3rd!!

If the trade down scenario was for the rights to VH3 at #13,
I'd definitely be interested in trading down to pick #17!!!