Miami Dolphins Projected 53/65 Man Roster, (Pre-Training-Camp 2018)


The NFL and Miami Dolphins 2018 season has finally arrived. Much has taken place over the last seven-plus months. It appears as though that The Dolphins will start 13 different players, and have a bunch more depth throughout the season than that of o17's game one/season.

Presently, Miami has 99 player prospects.
Upon regular season gamedays 46 players are permitted to dress/play. Not sure about these days, but there was a time that 47 could dress, (if the 47th was a third QB). Either-way. 53 players make the final roster, and will put themselves in position to be named one of those 46 game day players each week. Players 54 - 65 become part of the team as Practice and/or Developmental Squad prospects. The #'s included below are Jersey numbers for TC/Pre/Reg & Post Season game viewing identification, and ""Civil, Un-Biased, Reasonable Observations""!!

Training Camp begins this Thursday 7-26, and just two measly weeks later, Your Miami Dolphins will be playing their first preseason football game of 2018.

So here are some (personally projected) names & numbers to watch over the next 6 weeks to six months.

Special Teams (3)
K #7 Jason Sanders (Rookie)
P #2 Matt Hack
LS #92 John Denney


Offensive-Line (10)

LT #78 Laremy Tunsil

LG #71 Josh Sitton (FA Newcomer)

C #67 Daniel Kilgore (FA Newcomer)

RG/T #77 Jesse Davis

RT #70 Ju'Waun James

OL Reserves
T/G #79 Sam Young
T/G #72 Eric Smith
G/C #62 Ted Larsen
C/G #64 Jake Brendel
G    #68 Isaac Asiata (?)

Tight-End (3)
#86 Mike Gesicki (Rookie)
#46 Durham Smythe (Rookie)
#48 MarQueis Gray

Wide-Receiver (5)
#11 DeVante Parker
#10 Kenny Stills
#19 Jakeem Grant
#80 Danny Amendola (FA Newcomer)
#15 Albert Wilson (FA Newcomer)

Running-Back (3)
#32 Kenyan Drake
#21 Frank Gore (FA Newcomer)
#33 Kalen Ballage (Rookie)

Quarterback (3)
#17 Ryan Tannehill
#8  Brock Osweiler
#9 David Fales



Safety (4)
#29 Minkah Fitzpatrick (Rookie S/CB/LB)
#20 Rashad Jones
#22 TJ McDonald
#35 Walt Aikens

Corner-Back (5)
#25 Xavien Howard
#30 Cordrea Tankersley
#28 Bobby McCain
#36 Tony Lippett
#31 Cornell Armstrong (Rookie)

Line-Backer (6)
#47 Kiko Alonso
#52 Raekwon McMillan
#44 Stephone Anthony
#59 Chase Allen
#55 Jerome Baker (Rookie)
#45 Mike Hull

Defensive-Tackle-Rotation (5)
#93 Akeem Spence (FA Newcomer)
#97 Jordan Phillips (contract year)
#56 Davon Godchaux
#96 Vincent Taylor
#98 Gabe Wright

Defensive-End-Rotation (5)
#94 Robert Quinn (FA Newcomer)
#91 Cam Wake
#50 Andre Branch
#90 Charles Harris
#95 William Hayes DE/DT


Roster Spot 53 is a toss-up between several possibilities for various reasons at various positions, be it a safety-net, an immediate desire, and/or a long-term resolution.

The 53rd roster position as well as (in most cases) practice squad spots 54 - 65 could go to a 6th WR.
#82 Francis Owusu (stature clone to DeVante Parker)
#88 Leonte Carroo

A 4th TE.
#89 Gavin Escobar (FA Newcomer, not PS eligible)
#85 AJ Derby
#83 Thomas Duarte

A 4th RB
#34 Sinorice Perry

An 11th OL
#74 Zach Sterup

A 5th Safety/10th DB.
#23 Jordan Lucas
#26 Maurice Smith

A 6th CB/10th DB
#24 Torry McTyer
#1 Jalen Davis (Rookie)

A 7th LB.
#51 Quentin Poling (Rookie)

Or, A 6th DE due to (CWake turning 37, Hayes 34, while 30 year old Branch is scheduled to make 10-plus million come 2019). The Two biggest, most youthful by far DE's on the present squad are
#75 Cameron Malveaux (23, 6-5, 265)
#76 Jonathan Woodard (24, 6-6, 271)

TOTAL 66 of 65 available spots.

Others (to name a few) working for an opportunity into the top 65 include.

QB Bryce Petty (FA Newcomer)
OL Mike Matthews (Rookie)
T David Stienmentz (Rookie)
T Roubbens Joseph (Rookie)
RB Brandon Radcliff (Rookie)
WR Isiah Ford
WR Drew Morgan
WR Malcolm Lewis
WR Rashawn Scott
LB Cayson Collins (Rookie)
LB Mike McCray (Rookie)
DT Jamiyus Pittman (Rookie)
DT Anthony Moten (Rookie)
Along with 20 others not mentioned.

And of course.
The entire league will be cutting some 1000 players over the next 6 weeks for The Miami Dolphins to sift through!!

What would you suggest differently for spots 1 - 52 ??

Who would you suggest for the 53rd spot ??

Who would be your 54 - 65 practice squad players ??

Who below 65 makes the leap into 65 ??

Rookies reported on 7-18.
Veterans report on 7-25.
Training Camp begins 7-26.
The HOF game is Thursday 8-2.
Miami's first preseason game is 8-9.


2018 Miami Dolphins Starting Roster MakeOver!!

The 2017 Miami Dolphins waded their way through an unparalleled chain of events that began upon the final preseason game and continued on a weekly basis through week 11!

It started with a catastrophe, was followed by uncontrolable disasters which precedded a number of rediculous off the field calamities. An inside of doors snow blizzard, in Miami? A proven LB of high character goes AWOL, and another gets the drunk & disorderly handcuffs? A cancelled week one & Bye Week 11? The Dolphins were done before even getting started, and they were most definitely worn beyond worn over the season's final 6 games! And after the week one disaster, tropical storms continued to soak Miami into the seasons final third!!

You remember the field conditions in Miami for their first six or so of eight home games? DISGUSTINGLY EMBARRASING!! As was the final tally of 6 - 10..

Our team was not only challenged via all the above and then some.. They were severely lacking (due to injuries for the most part) at the CB, LB, TE & OL positions from beginning to end, and ohh yea at QB too !!

The Miami Dolphins can't control what's beyond their control !!

So they went above and beyond in taking command of what they can control with fresh, proven, Highly qualified personnel throughout the coaching staff and on the roster/field !!

They went so drastically deep into changing what takes place on the field of 6 - 10 team, that (compared to game one starters of 2017).. The probability is extremely high for THIRTEEN (if not 14) different starters taking the field in week one of 2018! Lucky 13, thats more than one half of a 25 man starting roster!

So here's how some of it is visualized from one Miami Dolphins Fans Perspective..

2017 Miami Dolphins Game One Starters,
and ( The Replacements ) Projected for 2018.


QB Jay Cutler,      ( Ryan Tannehill )
LT Laremy Tunsil
LG Anthony Steen, (Josh Sitton)
C   Mike Pouncey,  (Danial Kilgore)
RG Jermon Bushrod, (Jesse Davis)
RT JuWaun James
RB Jay Ajayi,    (Frank Gore/Kenyan Drake, and rookie Kalen Ballage)
WR DeVante Parker
SR  Jarvis Landry, (Danny Amendola/Albert Wilson/Jakeem Grant)
WR Kenny Stills
TE Julius Thomas, (Rookies Mike Gesicki/Durham Smythe)

Miami's 2018 offense would be very likely to stomp 2017's TEAM into lost & forgotten obliteration!


FS Nate Allen, (TJ McDonald/Minkah Fitzpatrick)
SS Rashad Jones
DE Andre Branch, (Robert Quinn/Charles Harris)
DT Jordan Phillips
DT Ndamukong Suh, (Davon Godchaux, William Hayes, Akeem Spence, Vincent Taylor)
DE Cameron Wake
OLB Kiko Alonso
MLB Mike Hull,  ( Raekwon McMillan )
OLB  Chase Allen, (Stephone Anthony/rookie Jerome Baker/CAllen/MHull, and another rookie Quinton Poling) etc.
CB  Xavien Howard
CB  Byron Maxwell, ( Minkah Fitzpatrick/Cordrea Tankersley/Tony Lippett)

Minus the third LB Base Defense
Slot = Bobby McCain/Tank/Fitz/Lipp, and rookie Cornell Armstrong etc..


LS John Denney
P   Matt Haack
K  Cody Parkey,  ( Jason Sanders )

I have Minkah Fitzpatrick (over the seasons duration) starting at any one of seven different Defensive positions via ( S X 2, CB X 3, LB X 2 ). For game one, play one, if they start in base 4-3, I see him starting over Cordrea Tankersley opposite of Xavian Howard..

Anyone remember the name Byron Maxwell?? Man he went from the one, to the two, to being inactive in o17’s first 3 weeks which was when rookie Tankersley took over and did pretty well..

Maxwell never played another down and was released a month later..

I think that Tank is pretty damn good, but Fitz teamed up with X makes for a total shutdown tandem at CB!!!

As far as who ended-up as o17 DB starters. Tankersley (last witnessed) would appear to be the weakest link, (though he’s not weak in any sense). It's just that it's quite apparent that Fitzpatrick offers farr more proven talents, and skills..

That would be my basic Defensive lineup for getting the best 7 on the back-end, play one..

But of course. There is also the possibility that Minkah Fitzpatrick may very well start at one of the other 6 positions he excels at? Shoot Saban suggest that #29 Fitz could even play MLB in certain situations, (which makes 8 different positions he can morph into) while Butterfly-Bellied-Brady is at the LOS attempting to dissect !!

The other positional player that Minkah may likely be a better option to start for would be the third LB (whoever that may endup being among numerous previously mentioned qualified candidates)..

While (if not a true OLB starting at that spot)? One of either Fitzpatrick or TJ McDonald could start/play/lineup at an OLB's vicinity with the other at FS..

An order to get the 7 best of the back-end on the field, game one, play one, and throughout the season.. Should make for quite the confusing puzzle for offensive opponents!!

TJ McDonald an established/proven/productive/deserving player & First Round Pick Minkah Fitzpatrick should both start somewhere !!

So in the 4-3 base game one, play one,
I have TJ'Mc at FS, & Minkah in place of Tankersley at CB.

(My Goodness, Fitzpatrick brings with him soooo many alternative options)..
It's mind boggling!!

Fitz at FS & TMc at OLB?

But (in that moment) who knows? Perhaps one of them true OLB’s (Jerome Baker etc) blows the doors off TMc at OLB for the game one, play one start?

Of course a lot will depend on how the Titans lineup.. In o17 Miami started in the base 4-3 against them..

With get this at LB
Kiko, Maualuga, Timmons

Think The Dolphins are a little better off at LB, DB, overall defense, TE, OL, and ohh yea QB ??

Not a headscratcher, DATTS’FER'SURE!!

I BELIEVE that The Swiss Army Knife, Jack & Master of All Football Trades, and true leader Minkah Fitzpatrick will be farrr more valuable than the one dimensional Suh as the Future Franchise Face of the Defense!!

And we’ll have him for 5 years for the cost of one year with what we were scheduled to pay Suh!!!

Loved Suh (zero disrepect intended), but Minkah Fitzpatrick (from Anywhere and Everywhere) will be farrr more impactful and indecipherable !!

The Miami Dolphins 2018 Defense could very well become the class of the AFC East!

What Are Your Thought's 3 months before kickoff ??


Defining The Miami Dolphin Puzzle

In recent years, when Miami Dolphin fans enter the off-season it is usually with a sigh of relief. The Dolphin football team has beat us down until a final cry of, “Uncle” is a collective gasp. Miami is not necessarily awful, there’s a level of frustration that comes with mediocrity. It’s like going to a gentlemen’s club where you can look, but do not touch. All the shiny trophies are on display, but someone else is the recipient.

In the third year of the Adam Gase era, the expectations become more urgent. Is there truly a plan in place that will lead to a contending football team? Looking at pretty puzzle pieces individually helps create the final picture. Looking at how those pieces are handled provides insight into the direction of the organization.

Miami began this off-season by discarding the corner puzzle pieces of the franchise. It’s nearly impossible to build a puzzle without the corners and when those pieces are gone, the changes can be drastic. Publicly this team has not made a declaration of starting over, but the actions are speaking much louder than the words.

The normal nicety is to cite salary cap issues as reasoning for releasing highly paid players, but the reality is much more philosophical. In the NFL, the highest paid players must reflect institutional beliefs, otherwise a team is paying for players that don’t match expectations.

Mike Pouncey led an offensive line group that did not consistently produce in either the passing or the running game. Even if the issue was more related to health than game day performance, the line could not produce with its leader watching during practice. Well liked individuals make these decisions difficult. When the robot is breaking down, it’s easy to replace, when it’s a person, it's not so easy.

Ndamukong Suh is a beast among men, he’s as good a football player as any in the league. As the team’s highest paid player, he was expected to be the example of what it takes to reach that plateau. Suh did not attend voluntary off-season programs, did not call the community home and simply was not a good example of a team player. His presence on the defensive line did not make the Miami defense formidable because, he was not a leader.

Jarvis Landry is relational to philosophy for a completely different reason, Miami placed a value on his position and his demands exceeded that value. Free agency is the quirk of the NFL. Suh left Detroit because their structure did not include $100 million dollars for a defensive tackle. Miami paid then what they would not pay for the same position today. Miami would not pay $15 million for a slot receiver.

These puzzle pieces were not leading to a complete picture. Mike Pouncey could not lead from the sideline. Ndamukong Suh could not lead while spending the off-season in Oregon. Jarvis Landry could not lead from a position that racked up statistics and did not produce results.

It’s important to note, none of these players were selected while Adam Gase was the coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Sticking with the same analogy, imagine a circular puzzle. A puzzle where many of the pieces had a curve on one side. A puzzle that had no corners but many similar pieces that connected in a smooth boundary. The idea is a little fluffy for a football depiction, but having many pieces that are each as important as the next, is the definition of the word “team.”

This is the vision of Adam Gase…

He doesn’t want the leader of his offensive line watching while his line-mates suffer through grueling practices. He does not want the leader of his defense isolated in a corner of the locker room with two dedicated stalls. He does not want his highest paid offensive playmaker coming from a position that does not lead to victories.

He wants a team that thinks less as individuals and more as a whole. He wants many smooth pieces and fewer hard edges. He wants players that work together. Most importantly, getting paid in this philosophy, means being part of the glue that holds the puzzle together, not an isolated piece.

That’s why Ryan Tannehill is still a Miami Dolphin and the others are not. Tannehill may not be the greatest QB in the world, but heaven forbid we remind ourselves how many Super Bowls Dan Marino won…

Gone are chronically injured players unwilling to step back in the pay-scale. Gone are high dollar personalities who refuse to participate in team leadership. Gone are individuals seeking inequitable pay for positional value.

These are all philosophical differences that cannot be changed in the course of a few seasons. When we hear this talk of “changing the culture,” this is what it means. It’s Jordan Phillips, Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor rotating for Suh. It’s a healthy Josh Sitton and Daniel Kilgore in place of an oft-injured Pouncey. It’s Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola for the price of a Jarvis Landry.

The Dolphins are no longer accepting “the (nonsense) that’s gone on in the past,” said Gase. “I feel like we’ve added more guys than we’ve lost, I know free agency, a lot of guys are taken away there, and whether we released guys or traded guys, we’re adding good pieces to the puzzle here.”

Will it work? This will be left for the future to tell, but the vision is becoming clearer with each move. What was not clear was depending on the health of Mike Pouncey. What made little sense was signing Ndamukong Suh in the first place. What would have created an inequitable salary structure was signing Jarvis Landry.

There was a huge sentiment in the media and in the fandom, of a first round Miami Dolphin QB. Hopefully after reading these 1000 words it becomes evident why Miami did not reach to make that pick. Reaching would have been another unreasonable expectation because Ryan Tannehill is Adam Gase’s example of what he wants out of a team player.

If the QB had fallen to Miami, this would not have put that player in the position of being specifically drafted to take over the team. By reaching, Miami would have set the expectation, this is our guy, and this is the new face of the franchise. If the QB had fallen to Miami, the expectation would then have been, “he was there and the positional value was too good not to take him.”

This flies in the face of the logic, “keep drafting a QB until you get it right,” but it doesn’t mean the intention was not there. It means, either there was not enough conviction among the Miami Dolphin brain trust to give up whatever the price may have been to trade up, or they made a calculated decision to wait for the falling star that turned out wrong…

One thing is certain, there is no more time for Ryan Tannehill. The term "nonsense" now applies to injury, overspending without results, and overspending for positional value. There can be many smooth pieces in this puzzle, but only one plays quarterback and in the NFL, it better be the right piece.

Adam Gase is tied at the hip to Ryan Tannehill for one more season. If this puzzle does not produce results, the nonsense shall stop one way or the other…