Miami Dolphins Trade Down Partners, and Prospect Potentialities.

The Miami Dolphins First Round and Fourteenth selection of the 2015 National Football Leagues Draft is just two Thursdays away on April 30th. The under-belly of the shark that the Dolphins should be targeting is the top corner back Trae Waynes, the top offensive lineman Brandon Scherff, or one of the top three truly legit number one receivers.

Problem is that Waynes, Scherff, as well as the top receivers in order Amari Cooper, Kevin White, and DeVante Parker appear to be disappearing from the prospect boards before Miami's fourteenth pick, according to the universe of mock drafts consensus. If those positional prospects are gone it's suggestive that prospects of other positions will be falling. In thus scenario, The Best Players Available at pick fourteen could end up being those of the nose tackle (Danny Shelton), defensive tackle (Arik Armstead), outside line backer (Randy Gregory), or the drafts top power running back (Todd Gurley ranked 14th overall with a 6.3 grade) and/or the speedster Melvin ghost Gordon rated at 6.2 which are positions/players of minimal Dolphin desire but may well be held in much higher regard to other NFL team needs.

In the case of the above becoming fact.
Perhaps the top safety Landon Collins who is the overall 13th ranked prospect is available at 14 for Miami to choose for themselves? Maybe the Dolphins reach slightly for the next best corner back Jalen Collins ranked 20th overall with a grade of 6.2, or the 4th, 5th, 6th most statuesque though question marked receivers Breshad Perriman, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Jaelan Strong who is in need of wrist surgery.

The Big,Tall, Do-It-All Receiver class is the drafts second thinnest position with only six prospects graded above 5.5, and just four players rated at 6.0 or better. A Grade of (5.50 to 5.99 is described on paper as a player with a chance to become a starter). 6.00 to 6.49 is a player suggested to be an instant starter. Amari Cooper and Kevin White are most definitely gone long before pick 14. Parker and Perriman grade at 6.2, Green-Beckham & Strong grade below 6.0 and presently have the most disturbing red-flag issues.

Presently, Miami owns just six draft picks and are without a third round selection that they traded for their current number two wide-out Kenny Stills. The Dolphins do not as of yet have a legit number one Wide-Out, a DeVante Parker with the most collegiate experience and zero question marks precisely fits the void. Miami has plenty of more than capable bodies at corner back, but a Trae Waynes would make for an impenetrable corner back duo with Brent Grimes who himself isn't getting any younger.

Ifff Parker AND Waynes AND Scherff are gone at pick 14?
Does Miami (reach) for the next best receivers, corner back, or offensive lineman?

Is Safety Landon Collins at pick 14, and do the Dolphins take him or spit the tasty trade bait? The 2015 Safety class is by far the thinnest of all positions with just five prospects that grade at 5.5 or above. Landon Collins at 6.33 is the only Safety with a grade of 6.0 or better. Much like a potential combination of Grimes & Waynes at corner back, a Jones & Collins tandem at safety would deem the deep backfield as impregnable. Though Miami can likely get by effectively with what they have if Louis Delmas and his backups can get and stay healthy along side of Rashad Jones throughout the season.

Does Miami take a prospect at a position of minimal need (DL,OLB,RB) because they happen to be the Best Player Available as time ticks away?

Or do the Dolphins pursue a willing trade partner within ten selections of pick 14 in order to recoup an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick plus others, and perhaps still have an option of need at one or another prospects that were available to (reach) for at 14?

Some aggressive of late draft participants with a multitude of picks in various rounds beyond the first round are the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile. Any of the leagues teams in the vicinities of said teams picks could also come into play while having to compensate similarly for the Miami Dolphins 14th pick.

Miami's first round pick at FOURTEEN is demanding of 1,100 draft trade value points.

The Cleveland Browns first round pick at NINETEEN carries a draft trade value number of 875 points while their 77th overall selection that falls in the third round is worth 205, and the Browns overall 189th pick is a sixth round selection with a trade value designation of 15.8 for a combined total worth of 1,095.8 points. Miami trades down five spots from pick 14 to pick 19 with the inclusion of an additional third and sixth round pick as compensation to the Dolphins. The Browns are in need of a Defensive Lineman (Shelton/Armstead), Inside Line Backer (minus a prospect of pick 14 value), Wide Receiver, and Quarterback Marcus Mariota (should he take an Aaron Rodgers type fall) to Miami's selection at 14.

Philadelphia with selection TWENTY of the first round has a value set at 850 points along with their 84th overall pick in the third round worth 170 points, the 113th fourth round choice at 68 points, and the Eagles 196th overall draft selection that falls in the sixth round carries 13 draft trade value points for a combined total of 1,101. Miami's first for Philly's first, third, fourth, and sixth round selections. The Eagles are in need of an Outside Line Backer (Randy Gregory), Safety (Landon Collins), Corner Back (Jalen Collins), and perhaps Quarterback Marcus Mariota. Mariota is the Quarterback recruited to Oregon by then Duck, and present Eagles Head Coach/GM Chip Kelly.

Arizona's Cardinals own the first rounds TWENTY-FOURTH pick worth (740), and the overall 55th selection (350) that comes in the second round for a combined grand total of 1,090 draft trade value points. Miami's first at pick 14 for Arizona's first round pick #24 and #55 overall that falls in the second round. The Cardinals are in need of an Outside Linebacker (Gregory), Defensive Lineman (Shelton/Armstead), Running Back (Todd Gurley/Melvin Gordon), and/or a Corner Back (Jalen Collins).

Should Miami not be able to hit the Bulls-Eye with their own top targeted selections of WR Parker, CB Waynes, OL Scherff, or Safety Landon Collins at pick 14, and choose to trade down five to ten spots in gathering additional high round picks of great value? They could still have a (more valuable) opportunity at landing some of those that they'd have had to initially (reach) for at pick 14. As well, they would have value type selections of the next best corner backs Kevin Johnson, Byron Jones, and Ronald Darby, or highly graded offensive lineman La'El Collins at 6.1 and/or DJ Humphries 6.2 rating among many in the 15 plus deep (with a grade of 5.5 or better) CB & OL classes.

Otherwise, it's potentially safety Landon Collins, reach slightly for the next best corner back, offensive lineman or receiver, select a prospect at a position of minimal need, or trade down for more value, and additional picks.

THANK YOU for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


Miami Dolphins Line Backer Depth, and Early Round Draft Prospects.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, The National Football Leagues April 30th 2015 Draft is just twenty six days away.

The Miami Dolphins nine man defensive line rotation is literally set in stone with the blockbuster acquisition of the leagues premiere interior force Ndamukong Suh. Those that will accompany the maker of lesser players are 2014 defensive tackle returnees in starter Earl Mitchell, backups AJ Francis (who spent 2014 on IR), and Anthony Johnson, as well as upgradable bubble probables Kamal Johnson along with Deandre Coleman who currently represent what would be slight overkill of a 10th & 11th defensive line roster spot. On the outside at the Defensive End position Miami has five highly qualified 2014 returnees with starters Cam Wake & Olivier Vernon as well as rotational prowess in Derrick Shelby, Dion Jordan, and Terrance Fede.

Miami's defensive line is good to go for the most part. Other than a potential minor tweak to the depth, or unless some unbelievable stud (DT Danny Shelton) were to fall in their laps at the 14th pick of the drafts first round. Perhaps one of the current rotational nine gets traded for a starter at another position of need, or a high draft pick? Otherwise, we are led to the next line of defense at Line Backer.

Gone are the penciled in 2014 starter Dannell Ellerbe (who spent 2014's entirety on IR), and was recently traded for the youthful, technically sound route running speedster receiver Kenny Stills. Also released was the overpaid under-achiever starting outside line backer Phillip Wheeler, and backups Jason Trusnik as well as Jonathan Freeney were both picked up in free agency to play elsewhere.

The Dolphins presently have seven line backers on the roster. Returning are Jelani Jenkins who stepped into the starting OLB spot vacated by the injured Ellerbe in 2014 and led the Miami defense in tackles for the year. Sophomore linebackers Chris McCain, and Jordan Tripp as well as Jake Knott are expected to battle for the outside line backer position opposite of Jenkins, and/or for the Middle Line Backer starting position.

Koa Misi is the returning 2014 starting MLB and he struggled through injuries in his first season at the middle line backer post behind a quickly fading and recently discarded Randy Starks. The current roster includes middle line backers Kelvin Shepherd an o14 returnee who started week 15 and had ten tackles. Meanwhile, just today the Dolphins signed Spencer Paysinger a versatile four year veteran New York Giant free agent line backer who started ten 2013 games in the middle of The G-Mens 4 - 3 defense.

Miami has plenty of young talented bodies (two deep) to man all three line backer positions, though none are yet studly while five of the current seven line backers have had minimal opportunities behind the now departed Wheeler, Trusnik, and Freeney. With Jelani Jenkins quickly becoming a household name among Miami fans the Dolphins appear extraordinarily deep (volume-wise) at the outside spots, especially if Misi were to return outside to his most productive position (thus-far), opposite of Jenkins.

If a healthy Misi is slated to be the starting middle line backer behind the new arrival of NdamuKONG Suh, then the OLB starter opposite of Jenkins becomes of most concern at line backer, and Miami has a plethora of outside line backer skill-sets to fill that particular void. The Middle Line Backer starting spot is the only real concern if Misi starts outside. A true Middle Line Backer is what the Dolphins most notably appear to lack on defense while an absolute stud MLB is highly instrumental to the success of a 4 - 3 defense. One way or another, (as of the present) one of Miami's unproven Sophomore's in Jordan Tripp, Chris McCain, or Kelvin Shepherd, Jake Knott, or Spencer Paysinger are currently penciled-in to start somewhere at linebacker for the 2015 Dolphins.

Otherwise. Here are a few first and second round potential line backer starters for the 2015 Miami Dolphins to consider.

Draft Grade Report Card According to
9.00-10 Once-in-lifetime player (Non-Existent in the 2015 draft)
8.00-8.99 Perennial All-Pro (None)
7.50-7.99 Future All-Pro (One Player DE Leonard Williams with a 7.6)
7.00-7.49 Pro Bowl-caliber player (Two Players)
6.50-6.99 Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player (Five Players)
6.00-6.49 Should become instant starter (Twenty Players)
5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter ( Sixty Six Prospects)
5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential (145 Prospects)
5.01-5.19 Better-than-average chance to make NFL roster (49 Prospects)
Under-5.00 50-50 Chance to make NFL roster (The Rest)

The above chart is just a suggested starting point, and by no means is an exact science while each player coming into the league is graded according to vigilant expert analysis. With that said, one would think that a team would want to land a prospect in the first round with a grade of at the very least 6.00 who ""should become an instant starter"" . Though you and I as well as each and every team will grade each and every individual to their own curve of ability and need. Therefore, some may be held in higher or lower regards to a particular team than what NFL.coms ballpark measurements might suggest.

With the fact that even Defensive Ends Dion Jordan, and Derrick Shelby are able to platoon at the outside line backer position. At least to some extent it has been established that the Dolphins have more than enough options at OLB, and Middle Line Backer is where the need lies with Koa Misi being the current leader in the clubhouse without a legitimate challenger.

The drafts top five line backer prospects are all of the outside pass-rusher characteristic, and an OLB isn't entirely out of the question (especially if the brass sticks to their guns with Misi at MLB)!

The Miami Dolphins presently own the drafts 14th pick of the first round.
The top outside linebacker prospects consist of.

7.0 Dante Fowler Jr is 6 - 3, 261 as the drafts top LB, and third overall prospect.

6.6 Vic Beasley who stands at 6 - 3, 246 is the second ranked LB and seventh overall best prospect as this individuals absolute favorite line backer.

Should one of the above two (doubtfully) fall to pick 14, they become no-brainer selections. Especially if targeted players at positions of more need have already been taken off the board.

The third ranked OLB who was also given a 6.6 grade is the eighth overall prospect Randy Gregory who is falling fast due to a dirty drug test at the combine while the fourth rated OLB Bud Dupree grades at 6.1 and has an overall 25th ranking. The next four ranked outside line backers stand at ""a chance to become an NFL starter"" with grades of between 5.5 and 5.9 .

When it comes to the Middle Line Backer grades is when one has to wonder if the Dolphins will automatically hand out slightly higher ratings due to the apparent need of an MLB stud and reach for a (Bernardrick McKinney or Eric Kendricks). Or do they like Koa Misi to the point of being patient enough to wait and hope that an MLB like (Stephone Anthony or Denzel Perryman) falls in their lap with the second rounds 15th pick, and 47th overall selection.

The top Middle Line Backer prospect list includes the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th rated linebackers.

5.86 Paul Dawson who is 6 - 0, 235, ran a 4.75 Pro-Day forty yard dash, 30" vertical jump, with 21 reps of 225#s, and is the drafts 38th ranked overall prospect. Though suggested to be too small for the Middle Line Backer spot he has the instincts of an MLB, and excels in pass coverage. He does however have some red-flag character issues, and study habits that would likely eliminate him from the Miami Dolphins Draft Board.

5.85 Bernardrick McKinney stands 6 - 4, 246, 4.66, 40.5" vert, with 16 reps is the 39th top prospect, and a personal favorite though similarly to Perryman, may be somewhat of a concern in pass coverage.

5.83 Eric Kendricks at 6-0, 232, 4.61, 38" vert, with 19 reps is rated 40th overall. He is the second best coverage guy of this bunch while due to his stature he is projected to be at his best as an NFL Inside backer in a 3 - 4 scheme, though he's not much lighter than Perryman who translates to the NFL middle spot while being quite a bit stronger.

5.82 Stephone Anthony standing at 6 - 3, 243, 4.56, 37" vert, and 23 reps coincidentally ranks 41st among all positional prospects. Another personal favorite with a great size to speed to strength ratio as one of the combines most impressively athletic line backers, and he can cover too.

5.68 Denzel Perryman who is 5 - 11, 236, 4.78, 32" vert, with 27 reps of 225 pounds is listed as the drafts overall 61st top option, and he is a true Old-School run stuffing Middle Line Backer.

Quite frankly.
I'd personally doubt that any of these projected interior line backers could unseat a healthy Koa Misi as rookies, current Dolphin Jordan Tripp is that guy for me, (if anyone is).

MAYBE the Dolphins trade down from pick 14 to recoup a no longer existent third round pick, and don't have to reach quite so far for one of these interior linebackers? If a targeted receiver, defensive back, or offensive lineman aren't available at their initial pick!

All other remaining Middle and/or Inside Linebackers grade below 5.5 according to which doesn't exclude them entirely, but one wouldn't want their first or second round pick to have the prescribed distinction of an ""NFL backup or special teams potential"".

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


STAY-TUNED for the Defensive Backs addition, the release of the 2015 schedule, and the Offensive Line & The True Number One Receiver rundown on draft week.

Miami Dolphins Lucky Friday The Thirteenth.

The Miami Dolphins Brass of Mike Tannenbaum, and Dennis Hickey go for the throat in an aggressive break of the final straw while swinging a black cat by the tail, and walking under ladders on Friday The Thirteenth.

Trade winds of an absolutely wild Friday the Thirteenth blew Northward from Miami through New Orleans and into Minnesota. It was like watching the bottom line ticker of the stock market report as something changed on a minute by minute basis throughout the league, but especially for the Miami Dolphins.

At one moment (due to the Wednesday acquisition of the elite defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh). The often injured, under achieving, overpaid (via Jeff Ireland) linebacker Dannell Ellerbe was suddenly willing to talk about restructuring his near nine million dollar 2015 contract.

A few scrolls of the bottom line later Ellerbe had been traded to the New Orleans Saints for 22 year old Kenny Stills who is an up and coming speedster receiver with 91 receptions, 1,572 yards for 8 touchdowns over his first two NFL years in a crowded Saints receiver group. Stills is someone that many Dolphins fans were hoping to land in the 2013 draft as a security blanket for the instance of something potentially happening to Wallace.

Within an hour of the Kenny Stills acquisition the news flashing red lights appeared across the NFL Network telecast, and the Dolphins had sent the said to be discontent receiver Mike Wallace (29), and the most part of his (Jeff Ireland contracted 12.1 million dollar cap hit) to the Minnesota Vikings. Miami gained a fifth round pick for the eventually to be cut (for nothing gained) Mike Wallace. "Eventually to be cut" due to the replacement of his proficiency Kenny Stills being reeled in moments earlier.

As suggested in the Shouts pre free agency receiver roundup. If Miami were to display some aggression in free agency toward replacing the skill sets of a Mike Wallace type, they would then be able to justify (to some extent) the trading and/or eventual cutting of his severely high priced, somewhat distracting attitude. The Dolphins were more than aggressive in landing the same sized with similar speed and skills Kenny Stills to replace Mike Wallace. They did it via the trade route rather than simply going after what happened to be on the open market.

The Dolphins gave up a soon to be cut cap casualty Dannell Ellerbe, and a third round draft pick on Stills that they would have likely spent on a speedy receiver anyway, if not for the Stills acquisition. Such a commitment is highly suggestive that Miami is extremely high on the youthful Stills who accrued 64 more yards (931) on four fewer catches (63) than Wallace for the 2014 NFL campaign. Kenny Stills had a 76 yard 2013 touchdown and a 69 yard 2014 touchdown. Mike Wallace had the same number of touchdowns as Kenny Stills in 2013, and seven more in 2014.

But wait. A few moments before or after all the above,(who knows anymore with all these sirens screaming, lights flashing, and headline breaking NFL New Years instances taking place upon one another).

One way or another Miami lands an instant answer to the 10 touchdown production loss of Mike Wallace. They pick up a 26 year old Pro Bowl free agent Tight End named Jordan Cameron who is a 6 - 5 big play making type of tight end. The Dolphins are hoping to team him up with Charles Clay (whom they still have first rights to), and Dion Sims in order to establish one of the leagues daunting top tight end trio's. In 2013 Cameron gathered in 80 catches for 917 yards with 7 touchdowns from the tight end position for the quarterback deprived Cleveland Browns. Supposedly, 7.5 or so million per season dead President paperbacks that Miami was scheduled to pay Ellerbe for services rendered (or not rendered) will now go in the direction of Miami's tallest skill player in tight end Jordan Cameron over the next two years.

Kenny Stills' 2015 New Orleans Saints contract (acquired by Miami) pays him $633,613 single dollar bills for 2015 with 90,000 more greenbacks contracted toward a 2016 cost of living raise. Due to an outright refusal to restructure for the sake of his team without losing money overall. The similarly skilled, temper tantrum throwing Mike Wallace contract would have resulted in an annual 12 plus million dollar Dolphin cap disaster for the next three years. By trading Wallace the Dolphins cleared up approximately 6 to 9 million dollars (depending on structure), and that is after paying Stills. In comparison to their scheduled 2016 contracts Miami will pay at least 12 million fewer ducats to Stills than they would have to Wallace for what is basically the same player with far more youth and maturity.

If one were to look at all that took place as one gigantic transaction between three teams and free agency, rather than grade them as three individual transactions? The summarized equivalent goes like this. If you're willing to look at it all with your head cocked slightly to the side!

Miami traded the no longer required skills, production, and huge contracts of Danell Ellerbe, Mike Wallace, a third round pick, and inconsequential 7th round pick.

In return.
The Dolphins gained the immediate replacement to Wallace in Stills, a 6 - 5 Pro Bowl play making tight end with Jordan Cameron (potentially for more reasons than one depending on Clay's final status), and a fifth round pick.

Overall in layman terms.
Two youthful starting receivers of the ball for one malcontent receiver.

Break it down even further and basically Miami gets receiver Kenny Stills for Ellerbe, and a highly productive Jordan Cameron for Wallace (which is more than fair from the Dolphins side of things while saving a guesstimated 6 to 9 million dollars to boot toward 2015. Miami loses a little in the gaining of a fifth round pick for the rights to a third and seventh round pick, but the millions saved, migraines relived, and needs being immediately filled trump those disadvantages of summarized versions. Ndamukong Suh accounts for just six million toward the 2015 cap, the dollars saved in these trades of the no longer desirable Ellerbe and Wallace will be well spent toward KONG in 2016 and beyond!

Above all the good that took place.
The most inspirational thing about all of this, is that The Miami Dolphins did what they had to do before it had to be done, and/or before it was too late! They made sure that they had all the desirable ingredients in place before pouring their imported cups of coffee, and drank it up at the perfect temperature!

THANK YOU for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


And that's just the half of it!
Miami also re-signed several of their somewhat productive 2014 players of depth (especially on defense at safety and linebacker), AND they picked up a couple free agent corner-backs. One being a six year veteran Brice McCain who was a 2014 starter for Pittsburgh with three interceptions in nine games that will be tough for Jamar Taylor, and Will Davis/others to beat out for the spot opposite of Brent Grimes and/or the slot position. McCain is similar in stature to Grimes, and is one of the leagues fastest players.

Look for Miami to acquire their Big, Tall, Do-It-All True Number One Receiver to be drafted with the 14th pick of the first round.