Jay Cutler Leads the Miami Cyber Crusade

I've was never a Cutler fan. I laughed when someone added an "N" between the "U" and the "T" thus changing Jay's name forever in my mind. I completely understand Miami signing him, even applaud it, there was never really much choice.

Yet I can’t help lament, this was the season Tannehill would finally define himself and make the leap into elite. That illusive place we've all been holding our breath hoping he would step into, but it’s not to be. Tannehill will be on the wrong side of 30 when he returns and a great season by Cutler further muddies the waters.

Cutler is a stop-gap to some future that is very fuzzy, but today, here and now Jay and Miami Dolphins will begin their crusade against cyber bullies.

Here and now, we remove the "N" from Cutler, click past the cigarette smoking memes. We use the hostility spewed incessantly over the vile social media dominated society to motivate the Miami Dolphins.

I shut down Facebook, turned off Twitter and stopped reading faceless snippets from losers with nothing better to do than disparage other people.

Cyber bullies… Think of those poor kids. I was always of the thought, “suck it up you little weaklings.” Now I see more clearly in the treatment of a grown adult how hard it must be when the keyboard warriors attack a child.

I’m going to make a dolphinshout out to all Miami Dolphin fans. How about we make a stand? Not just against these faceless Cutler haters and their ruthless memes, tweets and posts, let’s do it for the kids. Let’s dedicate this Miami season to shutting down the cyber hate.

Jay has a big load on his shoulders, he’s the leader of our little campaign and he doesn’t even know it. Adam Gase will get the most out of Cutler and Miami can be a decent team, but a Dolphin crusade against cyber bullies in all their forms could be a difference maker.

The curse of Joe Robbie has never been exorcised. Ever since Wayne Huizinga sold out the Robbie name on the stadium Joe built, the Dolphins have been cursed. Somewhere up there Joe’s been looking down with his Voodoo doll, piercing a pin in Marino’s Achilles tendon, Tossing Marty Lions on the back of Dwight Stevenson’s knee, pricking Tannehill’s ACL.

We need a cause! We need to show Joe Robbie that Miami fans will rise above putting the "N" in Cutler... In a society more and more dominated by negative information saturation, we can save the children. We can raise a mighty middle finger to all of those who dare add “Ns” to our quarterback’s name.

Drink in the faceless hate, let it resonate inside our hearts, like the Grinch who finds Christmas until it swells and pulsates into a superpower. Rally around our new mantra!

“Jay, Jay he’s our man! Ride his naked butt to the promised land…”

or something like that…

Go to the schools, find the sad little one with bottle-bottom-glasses and bring him to the center of the field for the coin flip. Let him get all the way down on his knees to read that thing and then raise him on our shoulders!

“Jay, Jay he’s our man! Ride his naked butt to the promised land…”

This is our crusade, the cyber bullying stops here. There will be no more “N” in Cutler. Every hateful meme, every smoking Jay image, every nasty tweet, every ugly Facebook quote and every child thrown under the cyber bus is our fuel. We welcome the hate because the hate is our fire, the hate is what fuels us to try a little harder.

Bring it… Bring all you got! Cause we got Jay and in Gase we trust…

“Jay, Jay he’s our man! Ride his naked butt to the promised land…”

Miami Dolphins Land Quarterback Jay Cutler

As we all know Ryan Tannehill sustained a setback to his 2016 knee injury last week/Thursday. The severity of the setback is still inconclusive. In a best case scenario, he may rehab and hope to return in 6 to 8 weeks. The potential alternative is surgery which would finalize his 2017 season though (if done immediately) should have him at 100% for 2018's start.

Miami has been deliberating what their next course of action should be.

Today on Sunday August 6th Adam Gase pulled a former proven QB of his from the clutches of a 2 month free agent/semi-retirement hiatus.

Miami signed 11 year starting QB veteran Jay Cutler to a (reported) one year 10 million contract with incentives that could earn him in the 13 million neighborhood.

Cutler played for Gase as OC in 2015 for Chicago which resulted in the most (efficient) and impressive year of the gunslingers career (to date). 3,659 yards, with a two to one TD/int ratio 21 & 11, and a single touchdown run for the 22nd. He's produced bigger seasonal numbers over his career but Gase led him to his most efficient season with a 92.3 QB rating.

He is 34, stands at 6-3, 231 and has 208 Touchdown passes to his credit as the Bears all-time leader. His first three NFL years was spent in Denver.

Cutler has an accurately scoped rifle of an arm with great touch, and a SIX shoot'n gunslingers mentality. He has good footwork but can get the ball wherever it needs to be off of one foot, flat-footed or from many an awkward position/angle with a fairly quick release, and throws a very catchable pretty ball. He has good pocket awareness as a savvy 11 year starting QB veteran, he's mobile and is a tough runner that will lay his body on the line if need be.

But what is most important is that he and Adam Gase will be reunited and on the same page from day one with a clear understanding of one another. Cutler is already familiar with the type of offense/playbook that Gase runs, and what will be expected of him.

Matt Moore is presently the Dolphins starter and that's a good thing (minus Tannehill), but what's better is that Miami now has a legit, playoff winning starting QB in the background awaiting his opportunity to help The Miami Dolphins Win and fill the sudden, unexpected void of Ryan Tannehill.

Jay Cutler!!!


2017 Miami Dolphins Off-Season & Schedule

The typical Miami Dolphins off-season of the last decade and a half consist of
2/3rds of a year/8 months/34 weeks/240 days/5760 hours/345600 minutes between meaningful games.

26 weeks/185 days have passed since the final whistle of Miami's most recent postseason experience at Pittsburgh on January 8th, 2017.

Much has taken place, all cogs have been cautiously inspected, improved upon, and heavily greased.

The only player of substance lost since starting that last Dolphin playoff game was Brandon Albert while his replacement/equal for the next decade was already in place with Laremy Tunsil.

Center Mike Pouncey is the OL key, and he is scheduled to return for opening day. With a healthy Pouncey (as well as other instrumental OL cogs) healthy for 16-plus games, Miami's OL can dominate! Minus Pouncey, the Dolphins have three capable backups who started at Center (for the most part of 2016), and can at least match the efficiency that resulted in last year's playoff birth.

All of the skill position players (other than TE) from last year's playoff team are returning (totally healthy as of this moment) with an entire year under Adam Gase' offensive belt. At TE free agent Anthony Fasano replaces Dion Sims primarily for blocking purposes. In order to replace last year's never in attendance penciled-in starter/play maker Jordan Cameron. Miami also traded for head coach favorite TE stud/seam/redzone threat Julius Thomas who scored 24 times in two years under OC Gase in Denver.

The Linebacker crew has been severely upgraded (and offers the best crew since #54's) with the additions of veteran Lawrence Timmons, and rookie Raekwon McMillan to team up alongside of Kiko Alonso whom played last year's final four weeks with a broken arm.. Several backups that received extensive reps with some being in a starters role are also returning while these days the third linebacker plays just 25% of defensive snaps.

Miami's sitting pretty at cornerback (possibly the best group) since Sammy Madison & Patrick Sustain) with a healthy Byron Maxwell, Xavien Howard, Tony Lippett, Bobby McCain, and rookie Cordrea Tankersley among a handful of youthful talented others. Maxwell was playing at all-pro level prior to missing the seasons final 3 weeks. XHoward missed various portions of the season and should have been way behind schedule mentally but performed exquisetly and is an absolute stud when healthy. Tony Lippett has emerged from WR to a more than highly capable CB as he led the 2016 team in interceptions while nickle Bobby McCain has done himself worthy.

At Safety Rashad Jones returns to form from 2016's second half, and first time stint on IR.
Rashad has been Rashad alongside a different sidekick for each of the last four to five years.
2017 will be no different as Nate Allen (a relative equal to a Wilson, Delmas, or Quddus etc) was acquired via free agency. Even better, long time Dolphins Michael Thomas, and Walt Aikens are returning.
The even bigger and better bonus resides in the youthful free agent and legit stud safety TJ McDonald whom was acquired for the seasons second half playoff run! A safety combo of Jones & McDonald could be the best Dolphin safety duo since Anderson & Scott.

The D-line lost DT Earl Mitchell while adding veteran Nick Williams, along with rookies Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor to team with Jordan Phillips and Suh. Ten year veteran free agent DE William Hayes joins the pass rushing group of 11 game 2016 starter Andre Branch, Terrence Fede, and Julius Warmsley among others fighting for roster spots.
Meanwhile. Cameron Wake will be playing full time at 100% health at seasons start (compared to just one half season of the same last year), and Miami drafted DE Pass Rush Extraordinaire Charles Harris with the drafts 22ND pick.
Harris looks like he should instantaneously be everything we had hoped for from Dion Jordan four years ago!

And with that said.
Here's the schedule reboot.

One unusual aspect that exist in this year's Dolphin schedule is that (upon Miami's request)!
They will not get a bye after a week four trip to London vs Saints!

A not so unusual aspect that the NFL schedule makers burdened Miami with is versus last seasons Super Bowl participants.
The Atlanta Falcons have the luxury of their week 5 bye to prepare for hosting the Dolphins.
Miami's week 11 bye leads to Foxboro in late November!

The Dolphins were awarded just one game in the advantageous September sweltering heat of Miami, and that game is versus the fellow floridian Bucs! Meanwhile. Miami has at least three and possibly five games on the late season road that will likely include snow, (if not potential blizzards)!

The three weeks (8 - 10) previous to the Dolphins week 11 bye includes..
(4 TOTAL for the season, 5 for those with the NFLNetwork)!

BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT, AT'A'BOY Adam (on the case) GASE!!!

After the week 11 bye a tough stretch for Miami begins on week 12 at New England's Patriots,
week 13 vs Broncos, and then a second head to head week 14 matchup vs the Champion Pats on MNF!!!

To close the regular season The Dolphins go to Buffalo, Kansas City,
and face Buffalo again on week 17 in Miami.
(For The Miami Dolphins Post Season Tuneup).

Rookies (in just four days) report to training camp on July 20th,
the vets make the team whole five days later,
and two weeks after that your Dolphins preseason kicksoff on August 10th.

Your 2017 Miami Dolphins Regular Season Schedule
All games are on Sunday unless illustrated otherwise.

1) vs Bucs (September 10, Sunday 1 pm est)

2) @ LA Chargers 4:05

3) @ Jets 1:00

4) vs Saints (London 9:30 AM est NFLNetwork)

5) vs Titans 1 pm

6) @ Falcons 1 pm (Atlanta has week 5 bye)

7) vs Jets 1 pm

8) @ Ravens (Thurs Night Football) 8:30

9) vs Raiders (Sunday Night Football) 8:30

10) @ Panthers (Monday Night Football) 8:30

11) BYE

12) @ Pats (November 26, 1 pm)

13) vs Broncos 1 pm

14) vs Pats (Monday Night Football) 8:30

15) @ Bills (December 17, 1 pm)

16) @ KC (December 24, 1 pm)

17) vs Bills 1 pm

Here's to a seven month 2018 offseason!
That's just 30 days more than half a calender year
to schedule and execute a multitude of parades!