Miami Dolphins Can't Mend Broken Hearts, Lose To Dallas

For just the third time in the now eleven week NFL season, the Miami Dolphins attended a game on their own turf. Attended being the key word because the execution of plays was non-existent.

Miami ran forty offensive plays on ten possessions which equates to an average of four plays per series. The Dolphins most extensive play possession of the entire game was their first of the game which was that of just five plays for 29 yards and zero points. They had a 55 second, three play drive of 54 yards to score a touchdown just before halftime. As well, they had a second five play 58 yard touchdown scoring possession on their second series of the third quarter. Other than on two of those three possessions, Miami didn't score, nor did they have a series of more than four plays which is absolutely absurd while Dallas was just two minutes shy of holding the ball for twice as long as Miami.

Every time that Miami was able to execute a productive play from either side of the ball a penalty deleted the result while derailing every potential opportunity to make some sort of prolific splash. They mounted just nine first downs while converting a pitiful one of ten third down attempts. On Miami's first second half possession they went from first and ten near midfield to first and thirty before a single snap of the ball was completed in it's entirety, and they were down just 14 - 7 at the time thanks to the 55 second, three play Dolphin touchdown that ended the first half. Previous to that first half ending Miami touchdown, the Dolphins for the eighth time in ten games started out at a sloths pace and was trailing 14 - 0.

Miami's quarterback Ryan Tannehill from his own 8 yard line started off the Dallas scoring attack with a pick-six thrown to a linebacker that he obviously didn't see. A third down play that came to be at the end of the first quarter, (after an 18 yard Jay Ajayi run for a first down was nullified due to penalty). Though Miami's (Brent Grimes & rookie linebacker Neville Hewitt) picked off Tony Romo twice (to know avail) with a minus one and a plus 12 yard offensive series following those interceptions. The Dolphins defense itself was no better than the offense at executing a productive play that wasn't reversed as the Cowboys converted 50% of their 3rd and 4th down plays while Miami allowed several 3rd and double digit yard plays to be converted. Meanwhile, the Miami defense also had sacks erased from the box-score due to penalties elsewhere on the field in the instances of said defensive production.

The lone flickering offensive bright spots for the Dolphins that weren't nullified due to penalty came via the arm of Ryan Tannehill with the previously mentioned "end of the first half touchdown" throw of 12 yards to tight end Jordan Cameron to draw within 14 - 7. Another slight turn to the right of the dimmer switch came midway through the third quarter when Tannehill hit receiver Kenny Stills on a perfectly thrown semi-deep ball of 29 yards that was in the air for 40, and tied the score at 14 - 14.

Dallas answered shortly thereafter on their following series with an eight play 80 yard touchdown drive to end the 3rd quarter 21 - 14, and scored a 4th quarter field goal for a final score board result of Dallas 24 to Miami's 14.

With the leagues other AFC endings, The Dolphins blew a huge opportunity to get even with the conferences many 6th seeds who are at 5 - 5. One of those teams are the NY Jets who the Dolphins play next week in what could have been a battle for sole possession of second place in the AFC East. As is, Miami remains one game behind what is now four teams tied for the 6th seed at 5 - 5. One of those teams is the Houston Texans whom Miami destroyed just a few weeks ago, the others are Buffalo (if beaten by New England) on Monday night, Kansas City, and next weeks Dolphin opponent in the Jets. Unless those mentioned lose two games more than Miami over the remainder, the Dolphins will have to win out to potentially make the playoffs, and they may have to win out to win two more games than those mentioned.

Opening Poem from the movie thriller, The Fan.

"Excited and anxious I await my dream
To escape, applaud And embrace my team
Opening day I always can trust
It’s just for this high That I crazily lust
Return of our hero's Does brighten the days
Just briefly, our troubles Get lost in the haze
The grace from the field Arouses the crowd
Reflects on the days When I was quite proud
I’m more entranced Than the average fan
I used to play, you see And I know I still can
That time I drove the ball With such loft
My exit atop shoulders As they carried me off
This pastime and I Just fade into one
Expanded upon From father and son
My boy is young And awkward for now
I just need the time And can show him how
I really am quite close Just a break away
From straightening things out And being okay
I can help my team To regain its glory
With just a little twist To the same old story
Players say now They play for themselves
This causes a burning Within me that dwells
The fan is the one Who pays for the game
Which bestows all the riches And welcomed fame
The players will listen But really don’t hear
All the while just hiding Behind an invisible tear
I grow tired now of all this greed
And chart a course to set things free"


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Though it never seems to make a difference, GOFINS :""( !!!

Miami Dolphins vs Cowboys Week 11 Game Chat

Another game from the team that will be 8-8 forever.

Miami Dolphins Fail To Lose, Simply Refuse To Quit !

Desiring a Miami Dolphin Victory on the road against a (winning 3 of the last 4 games) soaring Philadelphia Eagles team is easier said than done. From an execution point of view, Miami tried their hardest to satisfy the reasoning for some of their fans quitting on them. Fans that on numerous occasions have admittedly turned off their televisions upon calculating that a 16 - 3 first quarter deficit can only result in a 64 - 12 Dolphin loss. From within the hearts of those that wear the Aqua & Orange, due to the love of the game, loyalty to their fellow players, Dan Campbell, coaches, and franchise. The Miami Dolphins Team (of which the entire active roster got on the field in this game), simply refuse to quit!

On Miami's opening possession they scored with a field goal to take the lead. The Dolphins now at 4 - 5 have yet to lose a game that they've led at some point. Less than two minutes later they trailed by four points as the Eagles easily swooped down the field 58 yards for the go ahead touchdown.

Losing a ball out of the back of the end zone for a third consecutive games early safety against Miami had the Dolphins down by six points just five seconds later. The safety was the end result of one of those "execution point of view" mishaps as a fumbling, bumbling, indecisive kickoff return gave the visitors the ball at their own one yard line. Naturally, a first down drive hindering penalty (before the snap which has been par for the course) resulted in another half yard loss. On the first play ran, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was practically broke in half as he took a 20 MPH hit to the center of his spine from an untouched blindside blitz that forced the ball beyond the end-line. Miami started three of their series from within their own 3 yard line, and only five of their 14 possessions from beyond their own 20.

Philadelphia with what is now a 9 - 3 scoreboard advantage receive the (after a safety) free punt and drive to score a 16th point four minutes later as their slow as molasses 30 year old tight end has been grazing in a wide open pasture of nothing but grass for 90 yards on two possessions.

Hindering an answer to the onslaught, Miami follows with a five and out punt which gives the home team the ball with two first quarter minutes remaining. Four minutes later the home team has driven 57 yards but present Eagle (Caleb Sturgis) misses the 32 yard field goal attempt.

Inclined not to quit. The Dolphins defense and/or if not Ndamukong Suh by himself (two TFL's for minus 12 yards on the previous drive), and the forcing of a missed field goal has suddenly inspired the players to believe that hard work does indeed payoff. For those who refused to continue watching. A 16 - 3 first quarter deficit is never suggestive that the final score will be 64 - 12 as from here on out the Eagles scored just 3 points while Miami's defense accrued four sacks, forced four drive stopping fumbles (though they didn't recover them), blocked a punt, and had an end zone interception!!! Miami's offense too is suddenly motivated, and drives 74 yards for a 22 yard field goal to pull within ten points at 16 - 6 with little more than half the second quarter ticks to go.

Never say Never as The Miami Dolphins (rookie Zach Vigil) blocks the Eagles following possessions punt to take control at the home teams 12 yard line and pull within 16 - 13 two plays later with a Tannehill screen to Lamar Miller for the touchdown. Two Philadelphia punts surrounded by two Dolphin punts ends the first half.

So. Does a 16 - 13 halftime deficit automatically determine that the game will end with a 32 - 26 Dolphin loss? NOPE! The third quarter amounts to three Philadelphia punts surrounded by two Miami punts. The Dolphins third series of the third quarter goes for 87 yards on seven plays and ends five seconds into the fourth quarter with a Tannehill to Jarvis Landry four yard touchdown reception for Miami's 20th game winning points to Philadelphia's 16. The Eagles scored a 19th point on their next series, and drove to the Dolphins 9 yard line two possessions after that before a Rashad Jones end zone interception sealed the deal. A Dolphin punt and Eagles loss of possession on downs resulted in Miami closing the game in 20 - 19 VICTORY FORMATION!


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