I Know I’m Late, but Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall Is Perfect for the Dolphins

I know that the Miami Dolphins trading two second round draft picks to the Denver Broncos is old news by now, but I didn’t have my blog when they made the move so I couldn’t write about it then.

Well, I have my blog now so I figured I would write about one of my favorite moves in all of the years I have followed the Dolphins.

This was the best move made by any team in the NFL this offseason. Period. Miami needed a big time playmaking receiver, and that is what they got. Brandon Marshall is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Now, Miami will have an extremely potent offense, with an already excellent running game and a now excellent passing game.

Brandon Marshall is a receiver that can make the big play any time it is needed, and he is a very big target for Chad Henne. Miami already had a bunch of Wes Welker-type possession receivers. All they needed was a big-time receiver.

But, you have probably already read all of the stuff I have mentioned above. Now, here’s something you probably didn’t think about:

Chad Henne.

That’s right, Chad Henne is going to benefit tremendously from the addition of Brandon Marshall. Henne had a pretty good season last year, and he didn’t even have a big time wide receiver. The only player that we had that had big time potential couldn’t catch a football to save his life. All of our other receivers have incredible catching ability, but they are just possession receivers.

I am willing to bet that Chad Henne has a shot at doing well enough to make the Pro Bowl because of Brandon Marshall. He has the arm, and now he has the right tools(receivers) to work with.

Brandon Marshall finally gives Miami part of the tools they need to make a Super Bowl push. Yes, I just said Super Bowl. Haven’t heard that about the Dolphins in a while, have you?

You heard it here first at: Dolphin Shout