2-0 Baby! The Miami Dolphins Pull Out A Great Win Against The Minnesota Vikings

What a game!

Even though Adrian Peterson was able to run everywhere in the second half we should still be really encouraged by the Miami Dolphins defensive showing. There is only so much you can do against a guy like Peterson, so performances like that will happen to the best of them.

What really saved the Dolphins was our ability to turn the ball over. Miami's secondary had three interceptions, and all three were crucial. The biggest surprise today was CB Jason Allen's impressive showing. Allen had 11 tackles and two interceptions. I apologize to Jason for ever doubting him, and I am extremely glad that he was in and able to make the big plays he did.

Another huge contributor was CB Vontae Davis. Without Davis we would have lost this game. Simple as that. He had a crucial interception on the goal line and he put the finishing hit on Adrian Peterson on the hugely important goal line stand in the 4th quarter. Yes, Karlos Dansby was the first player to wrap Peterson up and he was also crucial in saving the game, but without Davis there Peterson would have been able to reach for the endzone.

The pressure the Dolphins were able to put on Favre was incredible, too. Not only did they sack him three times, but they were able to bat the ball down on a big 4th down play early in the game. The best part about the pressure, though, was the fumble they forced on Favre that Koa Misi was able to recover for a touchdown.

Not only was it the first career touchdown (of hopefully many more) for Koa Misi, but it was also the touchdown that gave the Dolphins the points they needed to pull the game out in the end.

Moving along to the offense now.

Who loved the play call for Chad Henne to immediately throw the ball long to Brandon Marshall to start off the game? I know I did, and it helped the Dolphins to start their momentum and get in position for their first score.

It was great seeing the Dolphins start off with a statement like that game even though they didn't throw many more long balls afterwards.

And, did anyone else notice how well Jake Long covered Vikings DE Jared Allen? Allen was held to basically nothing. The only time he did do anything was when Henne scrambled and all he had to do was move in the other direction to tackle him. One of those tackles was considered a sack, but don't let that statistic fool you. Jake Long had him on lock all game.

I am so glad that the Miami Dolphins hired Mike Nolan as the defensive coordinator. Even with a young defensive corps that made a few mistakes (i.e. 12 men on the field call twice in the same drive) he was able to help lead the Dolphins to a victory.

Let me know what you guys thought about the game with your comment. If you would like to leave a comment you can just click here and it will take you to the commenting.

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