Imagine How Good The Miami Dolphins Would Be If They Passed The Ball More

Our Running Carries Too Big Of A Load
The Miami Dolphins win against the Minnesota Vikings last week was great because we surprised a lot of people with how well our defense did, and it was especially invigorating because the Dolphins have not had a 2-0 start since 2002.

But, despite the incredible performance on defense there are still some problems with our offense. Thankfully, they are problems that can be fixed, and they all have to do with the mentality and game plan of the offense.

The problem is that Miami’s offense is too conservative and does not pass the ball enough. Even when they are passing successfully like they did on the first drive against the Vikings they still continue to run the ball and play it safe.

I understand wanting to play it safe when it is late in the game and you are really trying to avoid turning the ball over, but why would you run the ball early in the game when you are only winning by 7 points? Why not throw the ball and try and get a 14 point lead instead?

I just find it weird.

I think it is time to stop holding Chad Henne’s hand and let him take this offense over. He is capable of leading this team, and he has the arm to throw the ball anywhere on the field. I get the feeling that Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning is still planning the offense like Chad Pennington is the one running it. He never uses Henne’s arm strength to throw the ball long.

When the Dolphins play a team that scores a lot how will they be able to keep up with that team if they are unable to score a lot of points. Our defense is great, but they will not always be able to hold teams to 10 points. We need the offense to pick up the slack a little bit and take pressure off the defense.

Not that I’m not confident in the Miami defense. On the contrary, I am extremely confident in them. I just know that no defense will have a game like Miami did against the Vikings every game of the season. It just doesn’t happen.

All we need to do is give Henne the reigns to the offense. We need to start trusting him some time, so why not now?

Let me know what you think about the offense. What do you want them to do?

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