Tony Sparano Is Making A Mistake By Keeping Chad Henne In At Quarterback For The Miami Dolphins

Tony Sparano indicated during an interview that the Miami Dolphins would evaluate their quarterback position at the end of the year, and he said that Chad Henne would remain the starter for the rest of this season.

Now, I don't normally disagree with Tony Sparano, but I couldn't disagree with him more on this move.

I don't see any benefit of starting Chad Henne anymore. He is not going to be the Miami Dolphins quarterback of the future. We have already found that out. Instead, he is just another failed experiment at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino. Why wouldn't Miami just put Tyler Thigpen in for the rest of the year and see what he is able to do?

This season is already shot; we have pretty much established that. So, why wouldn't the Dolphins try and find out if Thigpen is the quarterback of the future. Not that I am saying he is, but it is still worth a try. Starting Henne isn't going to make things any better, and Thigpen has a lot of potential, so why not give put him in there and see if he is capable of winning?

In saying that he is going to start Henne for the rest of the year, Tony Sparano is basically admitting that he isn't willing to admit that he messed up with Henne. Instead of putting somebody with a chance to help Miami for the future, Sparano is showing stubbornness by keeping in his "Prodigal Quarterback" who was supposed to save the team from years of mediocrity.

I just can't fathom why Sparano would bother keeping Chad in. He isn't accurate enough to be an NFL quarterback, period. He was surrounded by a bunch of really, really talented play makers, and still wasn't able to be successful. He has had plenty of time to show signs of development, but his improvement has been minimal at best. The only time that he really showed improvement was against the Raiders, and I think that may have been because the Raiders were playing bad; not because Henne was playing good.

Let's hope Sparano realizes he should put Thigpen in instead. It could potentially help the Miami Dolphins a lot more than in the long run.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you're thinking about this situation with a comment.

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