Chad Henne Better Not Be The Miami Dolphins Starter

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post predicted that Chad Henne would be starting for the Miami Dolphins next season, simply because the Dolphins will have no better option.

While I respect Volin's opinion and enjoy reading his work, I really hope he is wrong on this one.

The Dolphins NEED to find Chad Henne's replacement this offseason.

The following are some of the major reasons I have for why Miami needs to get rid of him. I thought I would make a little list for you guys.

  • He has shown no sign of progression: I went back and watched some of his college highlights, and he looks no different than he did while he was at Michigan.
  • His 4th quarter numbers are terrible: He may be the worst fourth quarter QB in the NFL when you compare him to the other starters.
  • He throws way too many interceptions: Only three other QBs threw more interceptions than Henne last season. He had 19 interceptions and only 15 touchdowns. The only other three quarterbacks who threw more interceptions than him were Eli Manning, Drew Brees, and Carson Palmer, and they threw 31, 33, and 26 touchdowns, respectively.
  • He is too robotic: He shows no emotion on the field. He just runs the plays without improvising, and he often went down his progressions way too early.
  • He stares down his receivers: Everyone in the stadium knew exactly who Chad Henne was throwing the ball to as soon as the ball was hiked. Immediately when a play would start, Henne would start staring down one receiver and throw it to that player without even looking at anyone else. The other receivers could have been just lying down on the field, and Henne wouldn't have even gotten mad at them because he wouldn't have seen them.
  • He doesn't take risks: Henne was so scared to make a mistake that he would hardly ever throw it long unless the play was specifically designed to go to one receiver streaking down the field. Other than those specific plays, Henne would always check down past his deeper receivers and throw it to someone who was closer.
  • He just doesn't have what it takes: At the beginning of this year there were a lot of excited people in Miami, but Henne just hasn't lived up to any of the hype that surrounded him before the season. His lack of improvement and poor performance has been extremely frustrating, and it is time to move on.
Sorry, this list actually turned out to be pretty big, but what did you expect?

If you are reading this Stephen Ross, please, don't allow your staff to keep Henne as the starter. If you are so concerned about winning, then you better find somebody else to lead your team's offense.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment. You can add some extra bullet points if you think I forgot something.

If there isn't any news tomorrow I will go more into why we need to bench Henne for next year, so be sure to check back.