You Tell Me: Carson Palmer Or Chad Henne For The Miami Dolphins?

I hope this never happens for the Miami Dolphins, but it is possible so I have to consider the possibility.

A few days ago the Miami Herald suggested Carson Palmer as a possible quarterback replacement for Chad Henne and the Dolphins next season.

My question to you guys is who would you rather: Chad Henne or Carson Palmer for the Miami Dolphins?

I am hoping that it never comes down to this, but it is possible so I want to know who you guys would rather see if these two were the only options.

I like to avoid putting my opinion in the post of a "You Tell Me," but I have to say this. I think it would be a huge mistake to get Carson Palmer. Palmer is fading and would only be a short-term replacement like Chad Pennington.

At least with Chad Henne he has time to improve and develop. Palmer wouldn't get any better. He would just grow older, and that's not what we want. I'm tired of these quick fixes to a major problem. Either Miami stays committed to Henne or they find another young quarterback to develop. Bringing in an old veteran won't help at all.

Now let me know what you think with your comment below. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a good debate.