Dolphin Shout Is Looking For A New Writer

Hey everyone, I am looking for another writer to help me contribute to this oh so wonderful Miami Dolphins blog.

As Dolphin Shout grows I have begun to realize the need to expand and add new opinions to the blog. If you think you might want to be a writer on Dolphin Shout, check out the following requirements and see if it is something you might do:

-You must write a minimum of once a week
-You need to have a strong knowledge of the Miami Dolphins (obviously)
-You need to be a good writer
-You must spellcheck your work

[Optional] If you know HTML and/or SEO please let me know. That is something that I would love to hear.

That is about all of the requirements I have.

As a writer for Dolphin Shout you will get a few things:

-You are joining a very fast-growing blog. Dolphin Shout went from around 4,000 views a month in its first four or five months to doubling that in one day alone during the NFL draft just a few months later.

-Your work will be featured on the Yardbarker Network, which is affiliated with Fox Sports. I have had a couple articles on Fox Sports, and you could as well.

-The freedom to write about whatever you would like to write about relating to the Miami Dolphins. I want you to write about what you enjoy. Just make sure you are opinionated and ready for discussion with others.

-You will get an email address just like I have. It can be your name or nickname and then

-You may get paid a little bit, but I must warn you, you don't want to be doing this for the money right now because what I could pay you would be very minimal. Maybe down the line the payments can be better, but for now they are not much to speak about.

If you would like to apply to be a blogger or writer (whichever you would prefer to be called) just email me with the following:

-Your name
-A little bit about you
-A 300 or more word piece about the Miami Dolphins current situation so I can see your work
-Where you live (It won't affect my decision. I'm just curious)
-Let me know if you know anything about SEO and HTML. If you don't it isn't a problem.

I hope you guys are as excited as me about this. If you would like to apply as a writer please email me at

Thanks for stopping by and if you know people who might be interested please email them this post.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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