Miami Dolphins Scouting Report: Justin Hunter

I am continuing my Miami Dolphins receiver prospect series today with Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter.

Hunter is 6-4, weighs 200 pounds, and is a junior like his Tennessee counterpart Cordarrelle Patterson. It baffles me that Tennessee wasn't able to do very well last year with both Hunter and Patterson on the team, but that's a different story.

Hunter is an amazing athlete. His height is excellent and he uses it well with top-notch body control. He has great speed and quickness. From what I saw he has pretty consistent hands. I witnessed a few drops, but I don't think his hands will be too much of a problem in the NFL.

Hunter tore his ACL during his sophomore year in 2011, which has really hurt his draft stock, but other than injuries he really doesn't have any major negatives. He is a tad unrefined and could use some work in that area, but I'm not too concerned. He was incredible pre-ACL, and the big question is whether or not he can fully return to that form. He looked great this year, and I expect he will only get better.

If Cordarrelle Patterson is a mini Julio Jones then Justin Hunter is a mini AJ Green. Neither guy is quite as good as AJ or Julio, but they definitely have a lot of similarities. I would love it if we drafted Hunter in the 2nd round. He has boatloads of upside and would be a really exciting player in a Dolphin uniform.

Here is some tape on Hunter. The first video is him in 2011 pre-ACL tear. The following two are him this year.

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