Miami Dolphins Scouting Report: Terrance Williams

Today I'm continuing my series of analyzing top receivers in this draft class who the Miami Dolphins could potentially draft.

Today I'm going to take a look at receiver Terrance Williams.

Williams is a 6'1", 201 pound senior out of Baylor. He isn't in the debate for the best receiver in this year's class, but he is definitely up there. I am expecting him to go some time in the second round, which might make him an attractive option for the Dolphins.

Terrance has very good hands. He is very reliable and can be counted on to catch the ball when it's thrown his way. He is also a very good route runner, which is important in a west coast offense. He makes quick cuts on his routes and does a good job of getting open.

He is a fast receiver. He's not explosive by any means and doesn't have blazing fast speed, but his speed is definitely an asset. He is a good athlete who can make some nice catches. He has prototypical west coast offense size.

Williams is not a dominant receiver. He is very reliable and can be counted on in tough situations, but he's not going to completely dominate anyone. He isn't an awesome runner after the catch, but he's not bad at it either. If he is put in the right system he could produce at a very high level.

Williams, in my mind, is an excellent west coast receiver. He runs great routes, has really good hands, and is pretty fast. He isn't my favorite receiver in this class, but I would still be very excited if he joined the Dolphins. He would fit in really well with what Miami is trying to build.

I am going to put up a few videos. The first is him during the 2011 season with Robert Griffin III throwing him the ball for a few games.

This one is him from this past season.

Williams was a popular choice among a lot of you guys and I can see why. He wouldn't cost a first round pick and could work very well in Miami's offense.

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