Miami Dolphins Scouting Report: Cordarrelle Patterson

I am going to start a series of posts where I analyze some of the top receivers in this year's draft class and how they would fit with the Miami Dolphins.

Please bear with me as I am not too well versed in some of the terms used for scouting players. I am very much an amateur at this, so I will do my best.

The first receiver I am going to take a look at is Cordarrelle Patterson out of Tennessee.

Of all the receivers I've seen thus far the 6'3", 205 pound Patterson is by far my favorite.

He is incredibly explosive and is a threat to take it to the house on any play. Patterson is extremely hard to bring down in the open field, and you will rarely see him tackled in a one-on-one situation as he routinely makes opposing defenders miss.

Patterson is very quick and excellent at cutting on the run. He was very versatile in Tennessee, lining up as a running back and even throwing the ball a few times.

He is considered a somewhat raw prospect. He's only played against FBS competition one year, although he did really well in that year. At times his hands are inconsistent. He catches the ball with his body a little too much. Sometimes he'll run a short slant and catch with his body to protect the ball from the defender, which is good, but other times he'll catch with his body unnecessarily. That is something he will need to develop when he comes into the NFL.

Patterson is a game changer at receiver. His big time playmaking ability and versatility make him a home run threat whenever he has the ball. He can be a little inconsistent at times catching the ball, but a good coaching staff can fix that with some work on his technique.

The positives far outweigh the negatives with Patterson, which is why I have him as my number one receiver in this class and would love to see him in a Dolphins uniform.

I see a lot of similarities between Patterson and Julio Jones. Patterson isn't quite on Julio's level, but that's not a knock on Patterson. That is a testament to Julio being one of the top three receivers in the NFL. I have also heard Patterson compared to Demaryius Thomas, which is not a bad one either, but I see a lot of Julio in him.

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