About Us

Paul Smythe
I am the owner, writer, editor, creator, designer, and whatever else of Dolphin Shout.

I am obviously a huge Miami Dolphins fan. I am also very big into Fantasy Football (both dynasty and redraft). I love football in general, and I want to write about is as much as I can.

I am into more than just football, though. I studied Real Estate and Marketing and am now working in the real estate field.

If you would like to contact me you can either email me at paul@dolphinshout.com or you can find me on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

Gary Cowell aka "Riverdog"
I'm a long time Dolphin fan dating all the way back to the late 60s.  The first Pro game I ever saw was Super Bowl III Jets vs Colts.  Tickets were easier to get back then for that game.

I had season tickets thru the glory years including the undefeated season.  During the playoffs I was there when the Dolphins came home from their away games waiting to greet them at the airport.  I guess you could say I was bit over the top over the Dolphins.

What you will get from me on Paul's site is a bit different from many others, and you may not agree with what I say.  You may even question if I am a " true Dolphin fan " as I have heard that many times before.  I can assure you that I am a Dolphin fan no matter what you may think.  So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy.  It could be a bumpy ride...

Pat Tarell "Patrick"
I grew up in a small town near Carlisle Pennsylvania, my brother and I used to ride our bikes to the Washington Redskins training camp at the war college. One day while sitting in the stands the coach of the Redskins walked up, he said hello and talked with us for a bit, his name was Vince Lombardi…

My three brothers and I never liked to root for the same team, it wasn’t as much fun, so when they all stayed in the NFC East choosing the Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys I had to select  either the Giants or the Cardinals (at the time) neither was very appealing to me, so I selected this start up team in Miami, the Dolphins.

As fate would have it, a few years later my dad got a job in Fort Lauderdale and we moved to Florida. The year was 1972 and I got to witness the undefeated season, going to many of the games with my father who had taken a liking to Don Shula. I have been in Florida ever since, now living on the west coast.

Some folks might say I’m obsessed with the Dolphins, I prefer the word passion. Just because I pace around the room, yell at the TV using language better fit for a brothel and call every official a flaming idiot does not mean I’m obsessive! I prefer to call it passion…

Hopefully I can bring some of that passion to the readers of Dolphinshout! Please feel free to contact me about all things Dolphin at pat@dolphinshout.com

KennyV (13kvFINS) Nicholas
Born in Miami Beach to a Miami Hurricane offensive lineman father in 1959! At the age of four my 250 pound dad broke my leg teaching me how to tackle.

I played for the Pee Wee league Miami Dolphins in 1965, one year before our Dolphins took the field! The Pee Wee league Jets were the Champions of that league for all four years I played and starred for the Dolphins. So, I've passionately hated the Jets and loved the Dolphins since the age of 6, if not birth!

I played organized football through high school and coached the little guys in my 30s!

I played organized baseball (with ex pros) into my late 30s (flunked a walk-on try-out for the Athletics at 20). My favorite baseball team is the Orioles! I lived in California between the ages of 17 and 40.

My Motto is this:
Some say I'm too competitive. I say I could be more non-competitive than anybody, which make's me the WINNER of non-competitiveness.

Shawn Carlson
From Hartford, Ct. Been a Dolphin's fan for 31 years. Love The Dolphins and love being on Dolphin Shout. I appreciate a good debate. 'Don't try to polish a turd' is the motto I go by.

Mike Ferguson
When I was six months old, my dad won $500 at a bar (five $100 bets) taking the Dolphins over the previously undefeated Chicago Bears on a Monday night as Dan Marino torched what remains arguably the best defense ever. It was him who instilled a passion for the 'Fins in me.

Despite being a Central Florida native, I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan. I remember watching the 'Fins lose to the Buffalo Bills in the 1992 AFC Championship at the age of seven and crying my eyes out. It's still one of the worst days of my life.

I graduated from Florida State University in 2009 with a degree in Religion which is completely relevant because Miami Dolphins' football is a religion. I currently reside in Haines City, Florida with my wife Jennifer and daughter Trinity. The first Dolphins' game Trinity watched was a 24-10 win over Buffalo in December of 2012.

I currently work as a Sports Reporter for Polk County's newspaper, the Ledger. I'm also the founder and editor of a Southeastern based sports site, Outside the Redzone.